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QuickBooks Wont OpenSometimes users are unable to start QuickBooks due to errors whereas QuickBooks Doesn’t start or not opening / unable to launch is one of the major errors occur in QuickBooks. This error usually occurs due to improper internet connection or any technical issues which lead to stop all running programs. It’s very necessary to fix this error as soon as possible otherwise it creates more issues. In this blog, you get all alternative solutions that make an easy to fix this error issue.

What are the causes behind the QuickBooks Doesn’t start?

There are several factors due to which users are unable to start or open QuickBooks, all are listed below:

  • Corrupted or damaged QBWUSER.INI file
  • Window operating system is not accessible due to its internal damaged
  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks Desktop Installation
  • A damaged or corrupted hard drive may cause this issue.

What do I do when QuickBooks won’t open?

Solution 1: QuickBooks not responding is one of the most irritating errors which occurs due to improper connection and effects on your all business accountancy issue. To fix the QuickBooks, you need to restart your system with an upgraded configuration:

  • Before beginning any process, you need to reboot restart your system to stop all  running programs
  • After accepts all terms & conditions, check and open your QuickBooks whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 2: In any case, if QuickBooks not working error appear on your screen, you have to delete or rename QBWUSER.INI file with these following steps:

  • First of all, press the window + E key at the same time
  • Then, go to the “Organize tab” and click on the folder and search option
  • Then mark your next click on the View tab to go through the hold situation
  • After that, go to the advanced settings and choose the hidden folders and files to show them
  • Then open “My Computer” then select C: drive then mark your click on Documents
  • Click on the User name>> local settings >>Application setting>> Intuit >> QuickBooks
  • Then marks your right-click on QBWUSE.INI file and choose delete/rename from the drop-down options
  • And you are all set to resolve this error and enable you to run QuickBooks.

Solution 3: To you need to open the company file from another folder location with these following steps:

  • First of all, press the window + E key simultaneously
  • Then browse the network drive to locate the selected data file
  • Mark, you right-click on the selected file and copy it
  • Then create a new folder in the C: drive and name that folder as QBTEST
  • After that, paste all the copied content and company file in the QBTEST folder
  • To open the QuickBooks, hold CTRL key and all data will be restored to examine the C:\ QBTEST folder
  • In the end, you are enabling to open the company file.

In any case, if all the above solution is not accessible to resolve your issues. Then, you need to uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks upgraded version with the help of a clean install tool. There is also another alternative to fix this error by installing the diagnostic tool.

How to contact us?

After following all the above solutions, if you are still unable to open the QuickBooks don’t worry our QuickBooks desktop support team is available to resolve your issues. You can also send your all queries at our Email address or do LIVE CHAT with our experts , which is available at the right corner of our official website.

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