Receiving Payments In QuickBooks

Receiving payments from a customer requires you to record the same in Quickbooks. This is how you can go about it.

First you should know that you can record a payment only when you had sent an invoice to the customer. If the invoice was not generated for the customer or the amount you have received as payment, you have to enter a sales receipt or deposit. This cannot be recorded as a payment.

When you Receive Payment on an Invoice:

  • Select Plus sign (+) > Receive Payment.
  • Type in the name of the Customer.
  • Provide the Amount, Payment Method, the Reference no. When recording a payment through ACH, NEFT or any other direct method select Add New available in the drop-down, name the method ACH or anything else and note the same reference number field.
  • Ensure correct invoice is selected. You can unselect if there is a mistake. Check the right one manually if required.
  • Choose a filter for to select a date range in the Receive Payment page to limit open invoices visible.
  • Select between Deposit To your checking/Cheque account directly or to Undeposited fund.,
  • Click Save.
  • You can tell the customer how much payment they should make.
  • Select Plus sign (+) à Receive Payment.
  • Click on the Customer drop-down arrow àselect the customer.
  • If you want QuickBooks Online calculate the amount payable by the customer follow Outstanding transactionsà invoices and/or other transactions.
  • Now select the Pmt Method drop-down arrow and choose the desirable payment method.
  • Provide the Reference no. and Memo if required.
  • Click Save.

It is desirable that you get in touch with QuickBooks customer care team and make user of the solutions offered by them as it will help you to overcome any glitches involved in the process. The toll free help line number of QuickBooks is always available and active.



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