Reconciling Online Transactions in QuickBooks

You have conducted transactions online, the payment for which has been done through your bank account. You must record these transactions.  This can be done either by using the bank feed to automatically input the information or download your physical bank activity into QuickBooks.

  • In the top menu select Banking. Then choose Bank Feeds and then click on Bank Feeds Center.
  • You will be available to see how many transactions are waiting to be added.
  • You can see the list that contains the downloads. Click on the blue Transaction List button to check and view the transactions you need to import into QuickBooks.
  • In order to input more information about a payee go to the Add More Details screen. If there is a payee who is not present in the list you can add their name here. Click on Quick Add or Setup button to input the name of the new payee.
  • Click Okay. You can put the type of vendor the new payee is. For example, if they help you to promote your product you can put them under Advertising and Promotion.
  • If the list is too long and you have lot of information to add to Payees list you can click on Finish Later available on top left.
  • When all the transactions are matched click Ok.
  • You will go back to home screen.

To get more detailed information it is always advisable to contact the technical support team of QuickBooks. Dial the toll free QuickBooks Helpline Number and you will be able to get complete guidance on all matters related to QuickBooks.



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