Recording Deposits in QuickBooks

Follow the steps below:

  • Open the register.
  • Choose Banking→Use Register,
  • In the Home screen select the Register icon visible in the Banking section.
  • In case you have more bank accounts, QuickBooks shows the Use Register dialog box.
  • Choose the checking account. This is the account into which for transferring the deposits.
  • Click OK.recording-deposits
  • QuickBooks will show the register window.
  • In the Date column, type in the date for making the deposit.
  • In the Payee column, provide the name of the person or business that paid.
  • QuickBooks adds a check number in the Number field when you go to the Payee Column. But there is nothing to worry. As you provide a deposit amount, QuickBooks will change the Number field to DEP.
  • Provide the sum that you want to deposit.
  • Now go to the Deposit column and enter the amount.
  • Type in the account for the deposit.
  • Move the cursor to the Account field. Click on the down arrow. Select an account displayed on list. If the deposit is a gift, you’ll want to choose Uncategorized Income.
  • Select the Record button.
  • Your deposit is recorded, and your checking account balance is increased accordingly. It must e noted that the register are affected chronological order, where deposits come first and checks come next.

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