Reinstalling QuickBooks Software without Using CD

QuickBooks software, incepted by Intuit, is a comprehensive accounting solution popular with small and medium sized businesses including startups and non-profit organizations. Its integrated features and tools are adept in taking care of almost all the accounting and financial needs of the business in least possible time span. Although a highly sophisticated software, it is as prone to error as any other accounting software. Good news is that generally uninstalling and reinstalling the software works as error resolution.

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Most of the time reinstalling can be easily done through the CD of the original QuickBooks subscription. But there are times when the CD version also does not work as the subscription has either gone corrupt or at times CD also gets lost. In such scenarios, the user will have to make do without the CD and directly download the software from the website. Intuit allows users to download the software for free from the official site. Once the correct file has been downloaded, user can reinstall the software without any fuss through following steps:


  1. Go to the official website of Intuit and locate the link of appropriate version of the QuickBooks being employed on the system. Suppose the software version installed on the system is QuickBooks Premier 2021, then the user is advised to download the link of QuickBooks Premier 2021 only.
  2. Once prompted, it is advised to save the software installation in the hard drive. Double click the cursor on the file once the download process is finished in order to open the Database Manager of Intuit that is required to download the files for successful installation. The process automatically starts once the download is complete.
  3. To completely install the software, follow the instructions displayed on screen. User should be ready with a location for the software in their hard drive, type in the product and license number of the software and then tick the checkbox against the Terms and Conditions option to finish the installation process of the software.

Note: In case the user does not have their QuickBooks Product or License number, then they can connect with the customer support of QuickBooks housed by Intuit.

The above steps will help to download and install the required QuickBooks Software without needing any support from the CD. In case of any error, a user is advised to contact the  our customer service team on our LIVE CHAT for prompt resolution and required guidance

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