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User Query: Whenever I attempt to open QuickBooks software, I get an error code on the blank screen, that shows QuickBooks has stopped working an issue has caused QuickBooks to stop working properly. Windows will close the program and tell you if an answer opens up. What should I do, my QuickBooks is not responding now.

Answer: Dear QuickBooks user, when QuickBooks has stopped working or not responding there could be many reasons like: 1) The name of your company file might be too long, 2) You may have the QBWUSER.INI file corrupted, 3) Your QuickBooks program files or installation of QuickBooks Desktop can be corrupted, 4) On your hard drive, you need to check, if it’s damaged, 5) Your Windows OS might be damaged & stops QuickBooks to run properly.

Are you having issues opening QuickBooks Desktop? Are you trying to connect your Desktop, but it won’t open? There could be many reasons why this is happening, but often times we see that the error messages displayed are the “Error Opening QuickBooks” or “QuickBooks has stopped working or not responding”.


Out of many errors “QuickBooks has stopped working” is a familiar issue reported by the customers. Let us find out the reasons for the occurrence of the error and how to fix the issue.

Symptoms of Quickbooks Has Stopped Working Error

QuickBooks stopped working or QuickBooks is not opening are the signs of an error in your device or account. Here are some diagnostic steps that might help you resolve the issue.

  • Opening QuickBooks Desktop on Windows sometimes causes it to freeze and become non-responsive.
  • Sometimes when I use QuickBooks it lags and the mouse and keyboard start to move slowly.
  • Every time you open a company file without an error message or warning, QuickBooks quits all at once.
  • QuickBooks can’t open the dashboard for some reason. It could be because of a problem with your network, or a problem with QuickBooks itself.
  • Some Windows applications also start responding slowly, or experience freezing issues.

What Causes the QuickBooks has Stopped Working Error?

If you’re experiencing an issue similar to the one above, it might be due to one of these reasons:

  • Your company name is sometimes longer than required
  • In case the QBWUSER.INI file is damaged.
  • A hard disk has been corrupted
  • Damaged program files or QuickBooks Desktop installation
  • Windows OS may be damaged
  • Conflict in some program
  • This is an installation error.
  • Some Program Files are Damaged

Question: What to do, my QuickBooks is not working when creating an invoice and when I trying to close windows 10, a different window opens says program is none responsive.

Answer: There may be various reasons when QuickBooks won’t open, but it seems is due to damaged windows operating system. You need to find and select the QBW32.EXE then click the End Process. When the confirmation message occurs, click End Process once again. This will make your QuickBooks run smoothly.

qbw32exe end process
Select the “QBW32.EXE” and after that click on “End Process”

Here are Some Things to Consider When Troubleshooting the Quickbooks Has Stopped Working Error

  • Make sure you have the latest available updates of the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • The company that is seeking to procure the services of our firm must be less than 35 characters, including spaces.
  • If you are having a problem running QuickBooks, follow our instructions to turn off your antivirus protection and install it again.
  • Click on ‘Run as Administrator’ in Windows to ensure you have enough access to work with the program.
  • The article on how to fix an error using Clean Install Tool is a good starting point if Clean Install Tool isn’t working.

Steps to Solve When QuickBooks Has Stopped Working or Not Responding

Intuit has recommended methods to resolve the issue when you face this error message. Follow the solutions in the sequenced mentioned below for proper resolution.

Method 1: Download and Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is a tool that helps fix issues from a faulty QuickBooks installation. To use this tool, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click HERE to download QuickBooks Tool Hub and go to the download folder to run the Tool Hub installer file.
  2. Double-click the file containing the QuickBooksToolHub to start the installation..
  3. Install the software and skip the prompts.
  4. Close every running application before running  the QB Install Diagnostic Tool.
  5. Installing the Tool Hub is easy. Just double-click its icon to run it.
  6. Now click the Program Installation Issues tab and select QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  7. Depending on how much damage there is, it can take up to 25 minutes to repair.
  8. Once the tool finishes fixing the installation errors, restart your Windows and open QuickBooks again. If you find QuickBooks still not responding, follow the next troubleshooting step.
  9. If you cannot use the downloaded file to run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, then download QuickBooks Tool Hub and select the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the Installation Issues tab.

Method 2: Create a New Windows Admin User:

If your Windows 10 software installation is corrupted, you may need to create a user account in Windows.


To create a new user in Windows 10

  • Start the program. On the right-click menu, select Settings
  • Click Accounts
  • Then choose Family & other users.
  • Start a conversation with someone else on this PC.
  • Create a new user in Windows 10.

To create a new user in Windows 8

Select Settings from the right edge of the screen. Click on Change PC settings which is located in the Settings menu.

  • Click on other accounts and then click on the Accounts tab
  • Click on add an account
  • There are four ways to sign into Windows. The simplest way is by entering the account info.
  • If you want to add somebody that already has a Microsoft account, just enter their email address.
  • If the person does not have an account with Microsoft, you can create one for them using their most frequent email address.
  • If the person you are adding does not have an email address, tap or click Sign up for a new email address. It is free.
  • If you are including someone as a child, simply click on the add person’s account.
  • Follow the given instructions to finish setting up the account.

Method 3: Reboot your System and Temporarily Disable your Anti-virus Software

system reboot

You need to reboot your system. Then open your QuickBooks file and check thoroughly to find out the problem. If you still face the error, then attempt disabling the antivirus program in your system temporarily. Still you face the same issue move on to second method.

Method 4: Delete Entitlement Data Store.ecml file:

QuickBooks displays the above error message: “Delete Entitlement Data Store.ecml file” in case the information fed in during the installation process of QuickBooks is wrong or if the file comprising the information is corrupted. For this you need to the file to resolve the error. To delete Entitlement Data Store.ecml file follow the steps below:

  • You have to close your QuickBooks file.
  • Then go to Windows Start button -> Run
  • Copy and paste the info in the run dialog box
  • Right click the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and delete

If deleting EntitlementDataStore.ecml file does not resolve your issue, then go to third resolution method.

Read This: QuickBooks Error 1722 (Desktop Installation Issues)

Method 5: Rename QBWUSER.INI file:

Follow the below mentioned steps one by one to rename the QBWUSER.INI file:

rename QBWUSER.INI file
  • Select Start -> My Computer -> Tools -> Folder
  • Choose the View tab
  • Go to Advanced Settings-> Choose Hidden files and folders-> Show hidden files and folders
  • Click Ok
  • Then select My Computer-> C drive->C:\Documents and Settings\[Your user name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]
  • Right click the QBWUSER>INI file and rename it by replacing .INI with.INIold.

In case you are able to open your QuickBooks file after renaming QBWUSER>INI or EntitlementDataStore.ecml file then attempt opening a sample file:

  • Open your QuickBooks file
  • Click on Open a Sample File
  • Click Sample Product Based Business
  • If the sample file does not open, then follow next solution.

Method 6: Access a company file from a separate folder location

The folder where you keep your company files can often change/ get corrupted. If the following steps still do not fix your issue, consult a trained IT specialist.

  • To open a computer window, press Windows + E on your keyboard.
  • Check for a data file with the file extension qbw (e.g. mycompanyfile.qbw).
  • Navigate to the network drive on which the data file is stored while searching for a file on a network server (for example X:\QBdata).
  • After your company file has been found, right-click it and pick Copy.
  • Navigate to your C: Drive and create a new folder right here.
  • Name that as the QBNEW folder.
  • Launch the new folder for QBNEW and paste the company file into it.
  • Enable QuickBooks now when continuing to keep the Control key.
  • Pick Open or Restore a Current Company and go through the folder you have built in C:\QBNEW.
  • Access the company file in the QBNEW folder that you copied.

Method 7: Install QuickBooks Component Repair tool:

  • Just download and install successfully the QuickBooks component repair tool on your system.
  • And then save the file to a location from where you can browse it easily (we recommend storing the files on the desktop).
  • The next step is to close all the existing programs running in the background. 
  • And then run the program and install the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
  • After the install is completed, browse the company file and click on Continue to initiate the process.
  • The process will take about 20 minutes. 
  • On running this tool, reboot your system and try to open your QuickBooks file again.

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If you are still looking for assistance and face QuickBooks has stopped working issue, you can directly connect with QuickBooks Support Team @(Available 8.00 am to 6.30 pm – EST). The in house experts will help you to resolve your issues and queries in a short time.  The QuickBooks experts are experienced and knowledgeable. Get the best error resolution services round the clock with our LIVE CHAT.

Client Issue: I just came back home from vacation & I am surprised to discover that my desktop software QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (Windows 10) is not responding. It worked perfectly when I left, but now I tend to get the warning – QuickBooks has stopped working, as the software failed to start. Here is the error.

quickbooks buffer overflow exception
QuickBooks Buffer Overflow Exception

Answer: It seems the ucrtbase.DLL (Dynamic link library) in the windows 10 OS may be corrupted. You can contact to QuickBooks technician to get it fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What to do if QuickBooks is not opening?

    Press Ctrl+Click the QuickBooks Desktop icon. Important: Don’t release the Ctrl key until you see the “No Company Open” window unless QuickBooks freezes or gives you an error. Click on the Company file, then choose Open

  2. How do I fix error 1321 in QuickBooks?

    Temporarily disable your antivirus or security software, then install QuickBooks or your update and re-enable your antivirus or security software.

  3. How do I upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2022?

    1. Open the Discovery Hub, then select Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022,
    2. Select Proceed to upgrade, then Upgrade now.
    3. If you want both versions, select Keep old version on my computer . Leave blank otherwise.
    4. Once complete, select Open QuickBooks.

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