Fix sage error 7866 correcting a submitted full payment submission

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How to Fix Sage Error 7866 Correcting a Submitted Full Payment Submission

Error 7866 commonly occurs in Sage Payroll when users attempt to correct a previously submitted Full Payment Submission (FPS). It’s crucial to address this error promptly to ensure accuracy in payroll submissions and maintain compliance with HMRC requirements.

Causes of Sage Error 7866 Correcting a Submitted Full Payment Submission

Several factors can trigger this error during the FPS correction process:

  • Invalid Data: Incorrect or incomplete information in the correction submission.
  • Submission Timing: Submitting corrections outside the HMRC’s specified timeline.
  • Duplicate Information: Attempting to submit corrected data that matches previous submissions.
  • Software Glitch: Occasionally, errors in the Sage Payroll software itself can cause this problem.

Solutions for Fixing Sage Error 7866 Correcting a Submitted Full Payment Submission

Solution #1: Check for Invalid Data

Ensure all data in the corrected FPS is accurate and complete.

  1. Open the correction submission in Sage Payroll.
  2. Verify all employee details, payment amounts, and submission dates are correct.
  3. Correct any discrepancies or missing information.
  4. Resubmit the FPS after making the necessary corrections.

Solution #2: Ensure Correct Submission Timing

Submitting the correction within the HMRC’s allowed timeframe is crucial.

  1. Identify the deadline for submitting FPS corrections based on the original submission date.
  2. Review the date of your correction attempt to ensure it falls within the allowable period.
  3. If outside the permissible timeframe, consult HMRC guidelines for alternative correction procedures.

Solution #3: Avoid Duplicate Information

Ensuring the corrected submission doesn’t duplicate information from previous submissions is key.

  1. Review previous FPS submissions to confirm the details that need correction.
  2. Compare the original and corrected submissions to avoid replicating data.
  3. Adjust the corrected submission to clearly indicate the changes.

Solution #4: Address Potential Software Issues

Software-related issues might also trigger error 7866.

  1. Update Sage Payroll: Ensure you’re using the latest version of the software. Check for updates and install if available.
  2. Clear Cache and Temporary Files: Sometimes, clearing the software’s cache and temporary files can resolve unforeseen errors.
    1. Navigate to the software settings or preferences.
    2. Look for options to clear cache or temporary files.
    3. Proceed with the cleanup and restart Sage Payroll.


How can I verify my FPS submission was successful after correcting the error?

After resubmitting your FPS, you can verify its status either within the Sage Payroll software’s submission history or by checking for a confirmation receipt from HMRC.

What should I do if the error persists after trying these solutions?

Re-examine the correction submission for any overlooked data discrepancies. If the error persists despite accurate data and adherence to submission guidelines, consider restarting the software and reattempting the submission following a system reboot.

Is it possible to prevent Sage error 7866 from occurring in future submissions?

While not all instances of error 7866 can be prevented due to its nature, ensuring accuracy in data entry, timely submissions, and regularly updating Sage Payroll software can significantly reduce the risk of recurrence.

By methodically addressing the probable causes and meticulously following the provided solutions, you can effectively correct Sage error 7866 and ensure the accuracy and compliance of your payroll submissions.

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