Fps error after upgrading to sage 50 payroll

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Understanding and Fixing the FPS Error in Sage 50 Payroll

After upgrading Sage 50 Payroll, users might encounter an FPS (Full Payment Submission) error, which hampers the smooth operation of payroll functionalities. This error can disrupt the submission process of payroll data to HMRC, impacting compliance and timely employee payments. Recognizing and resolving this issue swiftly is paramount for the seamless execution of payroll tasks.

Causes of FPS Error After Upgrading to Sage 50 Payroll

The FPS error in Sage 50 Payroll arises due to various reasons, each affecting the submission process differently. Understanding these causes will help pinpoint the root of the problem, facilitating a more effective resolution.

  • Reason #1: No Starter Declaration: If a new employee is added without completing the Starter Declaration, it might trigger the FPS error. This form is essential for reporting new hires to HMRC.

  • Reason #2: FPS Starter Checkbox has been Selected Manually: Manually selecting the FPS starter checkbox when it should be automatically filled can cause discrepancies and errors in the FPS submission.

  • Reason #3: Employee has been Rolled Back and FPS Starter Checkbox selected Automatically: Rolling back an employee’s payroll after it’s been completed and submitted can create errors if the FPS Starter checkbox is not correctly managed in subsequent steps.

Solutions for FPS Error After Upgrading to Sage 50 Payroll

Implementing the correct solution based on the underlying cause of your FPS error is crucial. Below are strategies to resolve this error effectively.

Solution #1: Check for Sage Cloud Payroll v25.02 Update

  1. Open your Sage 50 Payroll software.
  2. Navigate to Help > Check for Updates.
  3. If update v25.02 is available, select it and click Update.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. Restart Sage 50 Payroll and attempt the FPS submission again.

Solution #2: Ensure the Use of Internet Explorer Version 9 or Above

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on the gear icon or Help menu to check the version.
  2. If your version is below 9, visit the Microsoft website to download and install a newer version.
  3. Set Internet Explorer as the default browser in your system settings to ensure Sage 50 Payroll uses it for online submissions.
  4. Try submitting the FPS after ensuring the correct browser version is in use.


How can one adjust FPS within Sage 50?

To adjust or correct FPS within Sage 50, navigate to the payroll correction option within the software. Locate the specific pay period requiring adjustment, make the necessary changes, and ensure to complete the submission process again to update the records with HMRC.

Can one send a dummy FPS within the Sage Payroll?

It’s not standard practice to send a ‘dummy’ FPS through Sage Payroll as submissions are directly reported to HMRC. However, for testing purposes, you can use Sage’s test environment or the HMRC testing tool. Ensure you’re not in the live payroll function to prevent false submissions.

Why does Sage 50 keep crashing?

Sage 50 can crash due to several reasons, including outdated software versions, incompatible system requirements, or corrupt data files. To troubleshoot, try updating Sage 50 to the latest version, ensure your computer meets the software’s system requirements, and run any diagnostic tools provided by Sage to detect and repair corrupt files.

Fixing the FPS error after upgrading Sage 50 Payroll involves identifying the precise cause and implementing the solution targeting that issue. Whether it’s updating the software, managing starter declarations correctly, or ensuring compatibility with Internet Explorer, addressing these factors should help restore smooth payroll operations.

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