Sage 50 2019 error loading the current company file

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How to Fix Sage 50 2019 Error Loading the Current Company File

Experiencing an error while trying to load the current company file in Sage 50 2019 can be a distressing issue. This error indicates that Sage 50 has encountered a problem opening the file due to various potential causes. The error message might prevent you from accessing your financial data, which could disrupt business operations. In this post, we will explore the causes of this error and provide step-by-step solutions to resolve it efficiently.

Causes of Sage 50 2019 Error Loading the Current Company File

There are several reasons why Sage 50 2019 might fail to load the current company file:

  • Reason #1: Damaged Files in the Data Folder of the Company – Vital company data files may get damaged due to improper system shutdowns or software errors.
  • Reason #2: Corrupted Data Files – Corruption within the data files can prevent them from opening correctly.
  • Reason #3: Lack of Updates on the Server – Outdated software on the server hosting the company file can lead to incompatibility issues.

Solutions to Fix Sage 50 2019 Error Loading the Current Company File

Solution #1: Open the Splash Screen with Efforts

  1. Close Sage 50 completely.
  2. Right-click the Sage 50 icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’. Often, permission issues can prevent the file from loading.
  3. Check if the error persists.

Solution #2: Check for Damaged Files in the Data Folder

  1. Navigate to the Sage 50 data folder located in the path where your company file is saved.
  2. Look for files with extensions such as .DAT and .DDB. These represent your company data files.
  3. Rename any damaged files by adding .OLD to the file name (e.g., companyfile.DAT to companyfile.DAT.OLD).
  4. Re-open Sage 50 to see if the issue is resolved.

Solution #3: Backup Restore

  1. Open Sage 50, go to the File menu, and select Restore.
  2. Follow the prompts to restore a backup of your company file.
  3. Once restored, attempt to re-access your company files.

Solution #4: Ensure the Update is Installed on the Server

  1. Open Sage 50 on the server computer.
  2. Go to Help > Check for Updates.
  3. If an update is available, follow the instructions to install it.
  4. Ensure all users update their client computers to match the server version.

Solution #5: Delete or Repair Corrupted Data Files

  1. Back up all Sage 50 data before proceeding.
  2. Locate the corrupted file(s) as identified by error messages or irregular file sizes.
  3. Attempt to repair the file using Sage 50 tools or delete it if it’s non-essential (consult Sage 50 documentation for guidance).
  4. Restore any deleted files from a backup if necessary.


How Do I Recover Data From Sage 50?

To recover data, use the Backup and Restore feature within Sage 50. Always ensure you have a recent backup before attempting any fixes or deletions.

Where Can I Find Sage 50 Updates?

Updates can be found within the software by navigating to Help > Check for Updates. Alternatively, visit the official Sage 50 website for the latest updates.

Where Is the Sage Company File Located?

The location can vary, but generally, it’s found in the Sage 50 application data folder on the server or primary computer hosting the file. Paths typically include "C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts" for recent versions.


Encountering an error loading the current company file in Sage 50 2019 can hinder your business operations. However, by understanding the causes and systematically applying the solutions provided, you can resolve the issue and restore access to your financial data. Always remember to perform regular backups and keep your software up to date to mitigate these errors.

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