Sage error a company file with the same id is currently being shared

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How to Resolve Sage Error: "A Company File with the Same ID is Currently Being Shared"

When using Sage, you might encounter an error message stating, "A company file with the same ID is currently being shared." This usually occurs when you’re attempting to access a company file that is already open or being used in a shared environment. Understanding the causes and solutions can help you resolve this issue quickly and efficiently.

Causes of Sage Error: "A Company File with the Same ID is Currently Being Shared"

Reason #1: The most common cause for this error is when the specific company file you are trying to access is already open on another workstation in a multi-user setup or is being shared through Sage Drive.

Reason #2: Incorrect network setup or issues with Sage Drive synchronization can also lead to this error, as the system might falsely recognize the file as being actively shared even if it’s not.

Understanding these reasons is pivotal in applying the correct solution to resolve the error.

Solutions for Sage Error: "A Company File with the Same ID is Currently Being Shared"

Solution #1: Stop Sharing the File Currently Shared for this Company

To stop sharing the currently shared file and resolve this error, follow these steps:

  1. Close Sage on all workstations where the company file is accessed.
  2. Go to the main computer or server where the company file is hosted.
  3. Open Sage and navigate to the File menu, then select Sage Drive.
  4. Choose Stop Sharing for the file that is causing the issue.
  5. Confirm the action when prompted.

By stopping the sharing, you reset the sharing status of the file, which can then be reshared if necessary.

Solution #2: Ensure Correct Network Setup

Proper network setup is essential for seamless file sharing:

  1. Make sure that all computers in the network are connected to the same network and can communicate with each other.
  2. Restart your network devices, including routers, switches, and modems, to refresh the network connection.
  3. Verify that the network firewall or antivirus settings are not blocking Sage or the shared company file.
  4. If issues persist, consider setting up a Static IP for the computer hosting the company file to ensure a stable connection.

Solution #3: Refresh Sage Drive Sync

Refreshing the Sage Drive sync can resolve synchronization issues:

  1. On the host computer, open Sage and go to the File menu.
  2. Select Sage Drive, then Manage Sage Drive.
  3. Find the company file in question and select Sync Now to manually force a synchronization.
  4. On the workstation receiving the error, attempt to access the file again after the synchronization is completed.


How can I share the Sage company data file using Remote Data Access?

To share a Sage company data file using Remote Data Access, first ensure you have Sage 50cloud accounts on both the sending and receiving ends. Open Sage on the host computer, go to the "File" menu, select "Remote Data Access," and then choose "Share Company." Follow the prompts to share your company data file securely.

Can the Company Data File be shared by more than One Person in Sage?

Yes, the company data file can be shared with multiple users in Sage, given that proper permissions are set within the software and an appropriate multi-user license is available. This is facilitated through the Remote Data Access feature or Sage Drive, depending on your version of Sage.

How does the Sage Drive Sharing work, and what happens when I share My File?

Sage Drive allows you to share your company data file securely with other users or devices. When you share your file using Sage Drive, it’s uploaded to the cloud, enabling authorized users to access it from remote locations. Changes made to the shared file are synchronized in real-time, ensuring all users have the latest information.

In resolving the Sage error pertaining to a company file being shared, understanding the root causes and following the detailed steps in the solutions can quickly rectify the issue, ensuring uninterrupted access and collaboration within Sage.

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