Sage error cannot open company file a required data file is missing

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How to Fix Sage Error: Cannot open company file, a required data file is missing

When using Sage, you might encounter the error message "Cannot open company file, a required data file is missing". This error prevents you from accessing your company file and can be quite frustrating. The error typically indicates that Sage cannot locate one or more necessary files to open the company file properly.

Causes of the Error

Several reasons can trigger this error in Sage:

Reason #1: Missing Required Data File

This is the most direct cause, where specific files needed to open the company have been deleted or moved.

Reason #2: Sample Company Not Opening

An issue specific to the sample company file provided by Sage can also cause this error.

Reason #3: Missing Icon File or Data Folder

A missing icon file for Sage or the entire data folder can result in this error.

Reason #4: Connection Manager Not Installed or Incorrect Version

The Connection Manager facilitates the connection to the database. If it’s not installed or the wrong version is used, it might lead to the error.

Reason #5: Multiple People Accessing File

Concurrent access by multiple users without proper setup can cause file access issues.

Reason #6: Permission Issues

Insufficient permissions to access the file or folder can prevent Sage from opening the company file.

Reason #7: Strange Folder Name Next to .SAJ

A folder with an unusual name next to the .SAJ folder could cause Sage to not recognize the data files correctly.

Reason #8: Hidden Files in the SAJ Folder

Sometimes, hidden files in the .SAJ folder may not be accessible by Sage.

Reason #9: Missing Files in the SAJ Folder

For versions 2022.3 and older, and 2023+, missing files within the SAJ folder can prompt this error.

Reason #10: Network Password Issues

Problems with network passwords may restrict access to the company file.

Reason #11: Ransomware Renaming Files

Ransomware or other malicious software might rename or encrypt files, causing Sage to not find the necessary files.

Reason #12: Folders with Numbered Brackets in Their Names

Folders that have their names in numbered brackets can confuse Sage and cause it to not locate the necessary data files.

Solutions for Sage Error: Cannot open company file, a required data file is missing

Solution #1: Re-launch Sage 50 Company File

  1. Close Sage completely.
  2. Wait a few seconds, then reopen Sage.
  3. Try to open the company file again.

Solution #2: Login as Sysadmin

  1. Ensure you’re attempting to access Sage as the Sysadmin.
  2. If not, log out and log back in with the Sysadmin credentials.

Solution #3: Use Windows Task Manager

  1. Open Windows Task Manager.
  2. Look for any Sage-related processes, select them, and click End Task.
  3. Reopen Sage and try accessing the company file again.

Solution #4: Restart Connection Manager

  1. Go to the Services app in Windows.
  2. Find and right-click on Sage 50 Database Connection Manager.
  3. Click Restart.
  4. Once restarted, attempt to open the company file again.

Solution #5: Delete the "" File

  1. Navigate to the .SAJ folder.
  2. Find and delete the file.
  3. Try reopening the company file.

Solution #6: Reboot the Host PC/Server

  1. Shutdown the computer or server that hosts the Sage data.
  2. Wait a moment, then turn it on again.
  3. Once restarted, try accessing the Sage company file.

Solution #7: Modify Connection Manager Settings

  1. Open Connection Manager.
  2. Adjust the settings to ensure proper connection paths and permissions.
  3. Save changes and attempt to open the company file.

Solution #8: Workaround for No Current Access to Data Storage Location

  1. Make sure that the network or external storage device is correctly connected and accessible.
  2. Verify network permissions and path settings.
  3. Once confirmed, try to access the company file again.


Dealing with the Sage error "Cannot open company file, a required data file is missing" can be troublesome, but by understanding its causes and applying the right solutions, you can get back to managing your financial data efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to open Sage 50 sample company?

  • Navigate to the Sage 50 application.
  • From the File menu, select Open Company.
  • Choose the sample company and attempt to open it.

How to enable hidden files in the SAJ folder?

  • Open File Explorer.
  • Go to the View tab.
  • Check Hidden items to reveal any hidden files in the .SAJ folder.

How to correct Remote Data Access Sage company with missing files in the SAJ folder?

  • Re-download the company file from the Remote Data Access server.
  • Ensure that the entire .SAJ folder is fully synchronized and up-to-date.
  • Try to open the company file again in Sage.

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