Sagepay error 5080 form transaction registration failed

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How to Fix SagePay Error 5080: Form Transaction Registration Failed

SagePay Error 5080 is a common issue users encounter when trying to initiate a transaction. This error means the form transaction registration has failed. Essentially, the data sent to SagePay is either incorrect or incomplete, preventing the transaction from being processed.

Causes of Sagepay Error 5080: Form Transaction Registration Failed

Several factors can lead to this error, including:

  • Reason #1: Incorrect Encryption Password. The encryption password provided in the SagePay admin panel might be wrong.
  • Reason #2: Misformatted Data. If the data sent to SagePay doesn’t adhere to the expected format, it will result in an error.
  • Reason #3: Outdated Integration Method. Using an outdated method for integrating with SagePay can cause compatibility issues.
  • Reason #4: Incorrect Vendor Name. The vendor name used in the transaction might be incorrect or not properly registered on SagePay.

Solutions for Sagepay Error 5080: Form Transaction Registration Failed

Solution #1: Verify and Update Encryption Password

  1. Log in to your SagePay account.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Administrative Users.
  3. Check the Encryption Password used for your transactions.
  4. Ensure that the encryption password in your integration setup matches the one on the SagePay panel.
  5. If there’s a discrepancy, update your integration settings with the correct encryption password.

Solution #2: Format Data Correctly

  1. Review the data being sent to SagePay. Ensure it follows the correct format as per the SagePay documentation.
  2. Pay special attention to fields like Amount, Currency, and VendorTxCode which are crucial for a transaction.
  3. Use tools or scripts to validate your data format before sending it to SagePay.
  4. Correct any data formatting issues and attempt the transaction again.

Solution #3: Update Integration Method

  1. Check the current version of the SagePay integration method you are using.
  2. Compare it with the latest version available on the SagePay Developer Documentation.
  3. If you are using an outdated version, update your integration to the latest method.
  4. Test the updated integration with a dummy transaction to ensure compatibility.

Solution #4: Confirm Vendor Name

  1. Log into your SagePay Panel and navigate to Account Details to confirm your vendor name.
  2. Compare the vendor name in your integration setup with what’s listed in your SagePay account.
  3. If the vendor name in your integration setup is incorrect, update it to match your account details.
  4. Retry the transaction with the correct vendor name.


How do I know if my data format is correct?

Check the SagePay documentation for data format requirements. Most programming languages offer libraries or functions for validating formats such as JSON or XML.

Can I use the same encryption password for different SagePay accounts?

No, each SagePay account has its unique encryption password. Using an incorrect password will lead to transaction failures.

How frequently should I update my SagePay integration method?

It’s good practice to review your integration at least once a year or whenever SagePay announces updates to ensure compatibility and security.

By following these detailed steps, most issues related to SagePay Error 5080 can be resolved efficiently, allowing for smooth transaction processes.

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