Canadian Edition: Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2018


Sage 50 Pro Accounting Software Canada 2018 has made a revolutionary change in the accounting market of Canada. Sage 50 2018 in Canada has been introduced with so many great tools and features that were not there in the previous version of Sage 50 Pro accounting software. It also includes all new navigation panels that give complete access to the user all the time.

Before you download Sage 50 Pro Accounting Canada 2018, we suggest you go through the complete details of the accounting software that make it very important to get you Accounting and Organizational purpose served.

Let’s Have a Look at the key features of Sage 50

  1. Paying bills and getting paid at a faster pace
  2. Optimization at entry level and Cost control and productivity level
  3. Easy to track suppliers and customer with high efficiency
  4. Access to large currencies
  5. Provides confident calculation of Provincial and State taxes
  6. Price List up to 100
  7. Collection and Submission of Taxes
  8. Easy to manage Cost and Cashflow
  9. Prepare cheques and invoices
  10. Accessibility of reports – up to 153
  11. Easy to track Expenses, Sales and Taxes
  12. Budget Company’s expenses and revenue
  13. Easy to forecast your budget
  14. You track project and manage them efficiently

Canadian-Edition-Sage-50-Pro-Accounting-2018Here are Some of the Dedicated Features that it Holds

  1. Dashboard Activity
  2. Payment via Electronic Mode
  3. Track your Expenses
  4. Invoice Management and Processes
  5. Statistics and Reports
  6. Invoicing and Billing

How Does it Suit Canadian Business?

Canada has always been an important hub for business and even the world looks to Canada as a great market for business. The company has seen and observed the real need of the Canadian market and fabricated software that is fully capable of handling all the tasks related to your business.

How do these features benefit you while using Sage 50 Pro Accounting Canada 2018?

Spending time on accounting processes doing everything manually? Download, install, and use Sage 50 Pro to save the time of 47% on an average. It gives complete freedom to the users to take more work from the software in very less time.

How Sage 50 Pro Accounting Helps You

  • Handling Taxes, Accounting and Business Management
  • In just a few clicks, you can switch between English and French very conveniently
  • Select among your need specifically designed as per your requirements

You may also need to know what are the Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU (Processor): 2GHz
  • Random Access Memory: 1 GB
  • Minimum Disk Space: 2 GB
  • Graphics: 1024 X 768
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10

As it is very advanced accounting software in terms of technical specifications, tools & features, operational and accounting tasks, your Sage 50 may also face various technical and functional issues and errors at the time of downloading, installing, updating or upgrading. Any error can also lead to multiple errors and complete software failure.

This may lead to loss of your company/data files also. This should be stopped in any case but only technical expertise can help you solve this issue. We are a team of technical experts that can help you in solving any issue related to Sage 50 Pro Accounting Canada 2018. To know more about this, contact our technical expert via our Toll-Free Number  or connect with us via Sage 50 Chat Support which is available on our website. You can also connect with us via our Official Email Address to reach our technical expert.