How to Fix Sage 50 Error “Printer not Activated Error Code 30”

Unable to print a Sage 50 invoice or report? Is your computer displaying “Printer not activated error code -30”. We have seen mostly printer related problems in Sage 50 are caused by damaged or obsolete drivers. In case you are looking for ways to resolve this problem manually, we can help. Simply follow our step by step resolution steps to fix the error message. Sage 50 Could Not Find A Printer Driver, In case you need help, dial our toll free number to get in touch with our expert technicians. They can provide you instant resolution to your problem for a hassle-free computing experience.

Error Summary of Sage Error: “Printer not activated, error code -30”

sage printer not activated error code 30

  • During print directly to the PDF Generator printer displays above error.
  • The PDF Generator printer lets Sage 50 to save print-outs from reports & financial statement to a PDF format.
  • During exporting to Excel, PDF or Text, HTML displays above error.

This warning message can stop you from printing, here are a few similar problems that users have reported:

  • Printer not activated error code -30 PDF, 20 PDF – This error code can often appear when trying to print PDF files. If this happens, you might be able to fix the issue by using the Print to PDF function.
  • Printer not activated error code 41 – This is another common issue that can arise if you do not have the proper authorizations.
  • Printer not activated error code 30 Brother, HP, Epson – This error may impact any printer brand, and if the problem occurs, it is most likely that the printer driver is out of date.
  • Printer not activated error code 30 Windows 10, 8.1, 7 – This error occurred can exist on almost any windows operating System, so you’ll be able to rectify it by using one of our methods.

Get rid of all printer-related issues right now

The issue usually occurs if the Amyuni Document Converter driver used for Sage 50 is not compatible with Microsoft Windows.

To solve printer not activated error code 30 problem:

Run both Sage and the email program as Administrator

  1. Close Sage and Outlook or any other email program that you are using.
  2. Right click on the Sage 50 icon and click Properties.
  3. Select the Compatibility Tab and select Change settings for all users button.
  4. Check Run this program as Administrator box and click Apply
  5. Click OK and repeat Steps 2-4 for your email program icon also.
  6. Again open Sage 50 and the email program and verify if you are able to print email without issue/error.

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For any other questions or issues related to Sage 50 Printer problems, reach to our Sage 50 customer service helpline as given above.

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