How to Fix Sage Pastel Error Code 20Encountering Sage Pastel Error Code 20? Are you looking for ways to manually fix this problem? Well, Sage Pastel Error Code 20 occurs when the Pervasive Engine or Service in not running or when the Pervasive is not licensed. However, the error can also occur if the Pervasive components are not correctly installed.

Question: I’m using Peachtree since 2014. Suddenly I start getting pastel error code 20. Why its so.

Answer: It seems System User don’t have appropriate permissions to access Sage 50 company files. You need to consult with your IT administrator.

What causes Sage Pastel Error Code 20 issue?

There are various programs that can prevent Pervasive from running/installing successfully. These include:

Resolution to the problem

  1. Manually start Pervasive
    1. Go to Start and click on All Programs
    2. Select Pervasive and go to Pervasive.SQL
    3. Click Start Workgroup Engine
    4. Check the Taskbar to ensure that Pervasive Engine icon has appeared

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  1. Check your Pervasive License
    1. On the Taskbar, click Pervasive Engine icon
    2. Note the details of Database Service Manager for Workgroup Engine 9.60
    3. Now select All Programs from Start Menu
    4. Click on Pervasive
    5. Click on Other Utilities and select License Administrator
    6. Ensure that the permanent license type matches with your Pervasive workgroup and that the license version is correct.

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