How to Download ⬇️ Sage 50

Sage group has developed Sage 50 product to cater the accounting needs of your organization. Sage 50 Cloud encompasses all the features including accounting, payroll, reporting, invoicing, cash flow, inventory and taxes. Once you download Sage 50 and start using it, you will realize how you are saving time from Day 1. And if you are already using Sage 50, upgrade it to latest version 2021 or 2022 and enjoy the maximum benefits

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Sage 50 Download Benefits

  • Invoicing and Payment Acceptance
  • Increasing Sales
  • Better Payroll management
  • Managing Your Cash Flow
  • Management of Stocks Better
  • Increased security
  • Round the clock support
  • High productivity
  • Automatic backup

Download Sage 50 Accounting Pro, Premium, and Quantum (US or Canada Editions)

Sage 50 is one of the world’s most popular accounting software, used to manage finances, in-depth stock management and reporting. It has many other uses such as managing cash flow and invoices, customers and debtors, suppliers and payments, etc.

Sage 50 Professional is a professional version of Sage 50 that comes with many advanced features. It has been one of the most advanced tools for businesses, helping them grow and take them to the next level. To make it easy for users to choose between different versions, it’s been classified into three broad categories.

Sage 50 Pro Accounting- U.S and Canada

Sage 50 Pro Accounting is perfect for small businesses and individuals who want a simple, straightforward solution to their accounting needs. So whether you are just starting or you’ve been using another accounting software for some time, Sage 50 Pro Accounting is a great option to consider.

Sage 50 PRO is powerful accounting software that provides users with the ability to manage their finances effectively. Some of the Sage 50 PRO’s most significant features include the capacity to create and track budgets invoices, and receipts; the capability to create and manage accounts receivable; and the capacity to generate reports that provide information about your finances.

Sage 50 Pro 2022 Download (US)Sage 50 Pro 2022 Download (CA)
Sage 50 Pro 2021 Download (US)Sage 50 Pro 2021 Download (CA)
Sage 50 Pro 2020 Download (US)Sage 50 Pro 2020 Download (CA)
Sage 50 Pro 2019 Download (US)Sage 50 Pro 2019 Download (CA)
Sage 50 Pro 2018 Download (US)Sage 50 Pro 2018 Download (CA)

In this article, we will guide you on how you can download the latest releases of Sage 50, with suitable download links. And we will also make a comparison and throw light on important features of Sage 50 2018, Sage 50 2019, Sage 50 2020, Sage 50 2021. So you can figure out which is most appropriate for you.

How to Download ⬇️ Sage 50 2018?

Sage 50 2018 offers various additional features. Some ?️ of these are listed below-

Sage 50 2018 offers the Following Features:

  • The Sage Capture feature
  • Payment over the internet
  • Invoicing on the Go
  • Integration with the Premium version of Microsoft Office 365
  • Remote Access with Sage
  • Improved Design of Sage Navigation

System Requirements for Downloading Sage 50 2018

Follow the installation requirements before downloading Sage 50. Let’s dive into all of the things you need to know before you start using this website and software.

  • Both single and multiple users should have 2.OGHz processor
  • 2GB RAM is required for single and multiple users
  • You can use it with compatible windows like Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
  • You need 1 GB hard disk space
  • Make use of Internet Explorer 11.0 for Sage Payments
  • You should use the 4.5.2 or higher Edition of MS .NET Framework with an extraspace o f up to 850 MB for MS .NET installation.
  • Keep your screen resolution 1440 X 900 and even more. The minimum need is 1200 X 800
  • Multiple apps need strong internet connection or bolster WIFI
  • You should have Adobe reader 11.0
  • Get Adobe Flash Player 11 for your system. This is required by version 18.
  • Sage 50 2018 requires small fonts and DOI settings
  • Use Premium Business Microsoft Office 365
  • Make use of minimum 16-bit high color SVGA video
  • An integration between word, excel and outlook system needs Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

What is the Procedure for Installing Sage 50 2018 Software?

Please follow the steps mentioned below-

  • When the installation begins, you must accept the software’s terms and conditions by clicking yes on the pop-up that appears on the screen.
  • Make a click ?️ on Follow up after you’ve agreed on this, and then click on Auto configure .
  • Now go to install and then run through Windows Firewall.
  • Select next after entering “serial number-software validation code.
  • Create a path in programme files ? and then select install from the menu.
  • Now is the time to finish the installation process.

To get the latest version of Download Sage 50 2018, go to the following link:

How to Download ⬇️ Sage 50 2019?

Sage 50 2019 increases your productivity and aids with data analysis. To increase your company’s earnings, adopt 2019 versions that are more accurate and efficient.

Sage 50 2019 Offers the Following Features:

  • CRM Integration by Sage
  • Stability and security have been enhanced
  • Cloud Payments from Sage
  • .NET Framework for Sage
  • Sales Menu Expansion

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What is the Procedure ?️ for Installing ?‍? Sage 50 2019 Software?

If you’re using the trial version, you can go online and activate it to turn it into the full version.

  • Use an Internet connection to complete the installation:
  • Click ?️ on Activate Now after opening the Registration Window.
  • Valid credentials Serial Number, Company Name, and Account ID must be entered here.
  • Go online now to get the key code.

Installation ?‍? from a CD/without the use of the Internet:

  • Click on Activate Now after opening the Registration Window. 
  • Valid credentials Serial Number, Company Name, and Account ID must be entered.
  • Now enter the Key Code

To get the latest version of Download Sage 50 2019, go to the following link:

How to Download ⬇️ Sage 50 2020?

The Sage version provides you with new features and tools to help you manage your knowledge more conveniently and quickly.

Sage 50 2020 Offers ? the Following Features:

  • Simple Access
  • High level of security
  • Backups are performed automatically.
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • A Paperless Workplace

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What is the Procedure for Installing ?‍? Sage 50 2020 Software?

  • Begin the Sage 50 installation.
  • Select the location ? where you wish the programme to be installed.
  • Select the language for installation.
  • If you are asked, “Would you like your firewall to be automatically configured to operate with Sage 50?” Choose Yes
  • Select the installation method. Select Typical if you don’t want to specify any preferences.
  • Enter a serial number or choose the trial version.
  • Significantly agree with the terms.
  • Launch Sage 50 and click ?️ Finish.

To get the latest version of Download Sage 50 2020 goes to the following link:

How to Download ⬇️ Sage 50 2021?

The Sage 50 2021 edition gives you more options to assist you to have a better user experience. This upgraded edition gives your company additional flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency ?.

Sage 50 2021 Offers the Following Features:

  • A new company window has opened.
  • Enhancements to the in-product messaging
  • Invoices/vendor bills that have been memorised.
  • Sage 50 Auto Entry Integration
  • Security updates for Gmail ?.

What is the Procedure for Installing Sage 50 2021 Software?

  • To check for updates, click ?️ to Services, then Check for Updates, and finally Check Now.
  • If your screen displays multiple updates, select the one(s) you wish to install and then click Download ⬇️.
  • Leave Sage 50 after the download is finished.
  • Finally, you’ll see that the update is about to begin.

To get the latest version of Download Sage 50 2021 goes to the following link:

How to Download ⬇️ Sage 50 2022?

The most recent version is Download Sage 50 2022. It incorporates significant enhancements from previous versions, including new features and enhancements.

  • Error Handling
  • Banks provide services.
  • Feeds from the Bank ?
  • Family members are entitled to paid time off.
  • Improvements to the 1099 data process

What is the Procedure for Installing Sage 50 2022 Software?

  • Go to the website:
  • Execute the downloaded installation file ?.
  • Install Sage 50 to meet your accounting needs.
  • After that, turn off your antivirus programme and click ?️ Next.
  • Accept the License Agreement ? before moving on to the next step.
  • Click the box that says “Auto configure the Windows Firewall ?‍?
  • and then start Sage 50″ to allow installation. When you’re finish, click Next.
  • Then click ?️ Next after entering or verifying your serial number.
  • Answer yes when asked if this would be the only machine running Sage 50.
  • On the Install Options page, pick the location of the application files ? and corporate data files, then click Install.
  • Complete the installation procedure before launching the software and activating Sage 50.

How to Download Sage 50—U.S. Edition 2023?

Visit the Sage 50 Accounting U.S. Announcements, News, and Alerts forum at the URL below to subscribe to receive an email notification when an update becomes available for Sage 50—U.S. Edition. As soon as a new blog is posted, you will be notified by email at the address you used when creating your Sage City account. This way, you will always be informed of product and tax updates.

The vendor of your third-party product should ensure that their product is fully compatible with this release if you use a third-party product that integrates with Sage. To make sure you can integrate Sage products with your business partner or Sage, contact them.

System Requirements: Sage 50—U.S. Edition 2023

Minimum Requirements

Note: Windows 7 is no longer compatible with Sage 50 US release 2023.0.

Minimum System Requirements

These are the system requirements for using Sage Payroll Solutions and other Connected Services integration:


  • For a single user: A 2.0 GHz processor is required.
  • For multiple users: A 2.0 GHz processor is recommended.


  • For a single user: 8 GB of RAM is required.
  • For multiple users: 8 GB of RAM is recommended.

Operating system:

  • Windows 10 (version 21H1 and higher) or Windows 11 with the latest updates from Microsoft installed.

Disk space:

  • 1 GB of disk space is required for installation.

Web browser:

  • Microsoft Edge is required with Sage Payroll Solutions, Sage Payments Solutions and other Connected Services integration.
  • Google Chrome™ browser and Microsoft Edge (version 2020 and higher) web browsers are supported when accessing available Connected Services outside of the product.

.NET Framework:

  • Microsoft®.NET Framework 4.8 is required.
  • Additional 280 MB to 850 MB of disk space is required.


  • At least high-color (16-bit) SVGA video is required.
  • Minimum Resolution: 1280×800.
  • Preferred Resolution: 1440X900 or higher.
  • Small fonts/DPI settings required.

Internet access:

  • All online features/services require Internet access.
  • For best performance download speeds of at least 25mbps and upload speeds of at least 10mbps are recommended.

File size:

  • Maximum of 5GB file size for Sage Remote Data Access companies.

Computer name:

  • Computer name of 15 characters or less is required.

Here are the integration/compatibility requirements for Sage 50 Accounting software products:

Excel, Outlook, and Word integration:

  • Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word (32-bit versions) 2013, 2016, and 2019 are required.

Microsoft 365 Integration:

  • Requires Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard, Premium or Enterprise Editions.


  • Printers supported by Windows 10 or Windows 11 are required.

Adobe Reader Acrobat:

  • Adobe Reader Acrobat is required.


  • Multiuser environments are supported in Sage 50 Premium Accounting and higher.
  • Multiuser mode is optimized for: Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2012 R2 (requires installation of KB3118401), Windows Server 2016 client-server networks; Windows 10 peer-to-peer networks.
  • A maximum of five licensed named users is allowed for Sage 50 Premium Accounting and up to 40 named users for Sage 50 Quantum Accounting; a named user account is granted a license when selected in the user maintenance screen.
  • 2 GB of disk space is required for installation of components on the server.

Terminal Services:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (requires installation of KB3118401), Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2019 along with Remote Desktop Connection or Remote Desktop Web Connection client is required to run in a Windows Terminal Services environment.
  • No more than 5 named users for Sage 50 Premium Accounting or up to 40 named users for Sage 50 Quantum Accounting.
  • Terminal Server requires additional memory when more than one user is running under Windows Terminal Services.


  • Customer registration and acceptance of License Agreement for Sage 50 Accounting software products.

Sage 50 Download, Install, and Activate

Prepare to Install Your Software: 

  • Sage 50 – US Edition 2023 requirements
  • Getting Ready to Install Sage 50 – U.S. Edition – This article also contains a link to Sage Expert Services if you would prefer a Sage Expert to perform the installation for you.
  • My product has a serial number. What is it?

Download Your Software:

  • From your Get Started learning package, watch the video Installing Sage 50 – Download Full Product Setup Package.
  • Sage 50-U.S. Edition 2023 Full Product Download

Network Installation – Server & Workstations

  • Check out the “Installing Sage 50 on a server” video in the Get Started learning package.
  • Use the Network Installation Instructions for Sage 50—U.S. Edition to install the software on a workstation on the network.
  • Review the Installation Frequently Asked Questions for additional guidance.
  • If you plan to install using Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services), follow the specific steps in the “Network Installation Instructions” section of the Quick Tips for Network Install guide.
  • Before installing workstations, make sure to activate Sage 50 on the server. If the activation doesn’t complete automatically by opening Sage 50, refer to the Product Activation section for additional steps.
  • Follow the steps in the “Network Installation Instructions” and complete the steps in Section II to install each workstation.

Register and Activate your Software:

  1. Register your product: When you first install Sage 50, you will be prompted to register your product. Follow the on-screen instructions to register online. If you prefer, you can also register by phone.
  2. Activate your product: After registering, you will need to activate Sage 50 to start using the software. If your computer is connected to the Internet, the activation will typically occur automatically during the installation process. If the activation does not occur automatically, you can activate Sage 50 manually using these steps:
  • Open Sage 50 and select “Help” from the menu.
  • Choose “Sage 50 Activation, Licensing, and Subscription” and then click on “Activate Sage 50.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your product.
  1. Manual activation: If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you will need to manually activate Sage 50. To do so, follow these steps:
  • Open Sage 50 and select “Help” from the menu.
  • Choose “Sage 50 Activation, Licensing, and Subscription” and then click on “Activate Sage 50.”
  • Click on “Manual Activation.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to obtain an activation code and enter it into Sage 50.

If you encounter any issues during the registration or activation process, contact Sage 50 support for assistance.

Standalone Installation Instructions:

Standalone Instructions for Sage 50—U.S. Edition:

  1. Insert the Sage 50 installation media into your computer’s CD/DVD drive or double-click the downloaded installation file.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to begin the installation process.
  3. Read and accept the Sage Software License Agreement.
  4. Choose the destination folder where you want to install Sage 50.
  5. Select the components you want to install.
  6. Choose the installation type (Typical or Custom).
  7. Enter your company information and product serial number.
  8. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Installation Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the system requirements for Sage 50—U.S. Edition? A: The system requirements for Sage 50—U.S. Edition include a 2.0 GHz processor (for single or multiple users), 8 GB of RAM (for single or multiple users), Windows 10 (version 21H1 and higher) or Windows 11 with the latest updates, 1 GB of disk space for installation, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8, and a computer name of 15 characters or less.

Q: How do I activate Sage 50—U.S. Edition? A: You can activate Sage 50—U.S. Edition by opening the program and following the on-screen prompts to enter your product serial number and company information. If activation does not complete automatically, you can try activating the product manually by phone or email.

Q: What is the difference between the Typical and Custom installation types? A: The Typical installation type installs the most commonly used components of Sage 50—U.S. Edition, while the Custom installation type allows you to choose which components to install.

Last Words

Sage 50 accounting software helps you streamline your accounting and other activities for your clients. Your clients will get the assurance that you will perform all their business-related activities effectively. On-time, whether it is bookkeeping, payroll, inventory management, or anything else. Sage 50 is amazing accounting software that helps you flourish your business efficiently. Installing and updating the Sage 50 to the latest versions is not at all a difficult task. But make sure you back up all the company files ? and all the users’ exit Sage 50 before you start the installation process.

We hope now you have enough information ℹ️ about the installation and hopefully the above-mentioned steps will help you to install Sage 50 latest version easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it mandatory for me to upgrade ⬆️ my Sage 2017 version to 2021?

    No, it’s not. You do not need to upgrade every year. In fact, some users are still using older Sage versions such as Sage 2015. However, in case you upgrade ⬆️ the operating system in your computer, you may find out that your older version of Sage is not running any longer on your computer ?️. But, you must always update your existing Sage version whenever any new service release is launched.

  2. What is the difference between Sage 50 2020 and Sage 2021 Canadian edition?

    Certain important differences between the Sage 50 2020 and Sage 2021 Canadian edition are listed below-
    1. The Sage 50 2021 Canadian Edition has adhered to the security standards earmarked by Google. In Sage 50 2020, users were required to log in to their Gmail accounts every single time. But now, they simply need to log in once.
    2. Users of the Sage 50 2021 Canadian Edition can now integrate fully with AutoEntry, the online service that automates the recording of purchase invoices.

  3. What are the Minimum system requirements for Sage 50 U.S. Edition 2020?

    1. 5 GB storage for Sage Drive company files
    2. Preferable download speed of 25 mbps and upload speed of 10 mbps- for best performance
    3. Processor speed of 2.0 GHz , for both single and multiple users
    4. 1 GB disk space for installation
    5. Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (version 1709 and higher) along with all the latest Microsoft updates
    6. 4 GB RAM for both single and multiple users
    7. Internet Explorer 11.0 (version 11.0 and higher for Sage Payroll Solutions, Sage Payments Solutions and integration of other connected services).
    8. Microsoft.NET framework 4.7.2 , along with DirectX Dependency for .NET . Together, they would need an additional storage space in the range of 280 MB -850 MB
    9. 16 bit SVGA Video with a resolution of 1280 x 800 is the minimum requirement. However, the preferred resolution is 1440 x 900 or higher . Also, small fonts/DPI settings are preferable.

  4. How do I Install Sage 50 on a new computer?

    Connect to your data on the new computer
    1. Open Sage 50cloud Accounts.
    2. Click Connect, then click Browse and go the Data Directory you made a note of earlier. TIP: If your data path uses a mapped drive, for example, S:\COMPANY. …
    3. Click Continue, then click Connect.
    4. Enter your Logon name and Password then click OK.

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