How to Fix the Error while Importing the Folder in Sage X3?

So, in case you have installed Sage x3 on your workstation or computer, then you may use the importing/exporting feature in it. And sometimes as it happens, you may come across an error while importing the folder in Sage x3. The common error messages are as follows:

  • You can get the error messages at the ‘srf file generation’ step like could not launch the file, FATAL -configuration aborted, FATAL-ERR_TIMEOUT
  • Or you can get an error while the console creates the _adxfolderseq.sql file like FATAL – Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

First of all, you must be aware that the console is used for importing folders in Sage x3, it helps in updating the sequence numbers of each table and also creates the folder record. One of the important functions of Sage x3 configuration console is to import a folder from a backup file with an SVG data containing the flat data that is needed for the import purposes.

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In the next section, we will look into the process of importing the folder using Sage x3 configuration console and also how to troubleshoot the error message that users come across while importing the folder in Sage x3.

Importing Folder Process in Sage x3 and Troubleshooting of the Errors

Sage x3 Import/Export Process

The process involves below basic steps:

Step 1. Determining the location of the file: This step is important because data files for import purposes are required to be there on the application server for x3. You can do so by manually running the 66 or uploading the file to the storage location / areas.

Step 2. Selecting an object: In this step, you need to determine the object to be used in the template, you can always use a default template, if it is suitable for your use.

Step 3. Define your templates: If you are creating your templates ensure to match one of your existing records. You need to determine the field that you want to export for each of the objects.

Step 4. Setup data for transcribing if required:  If needed you should go for this step, the transcribing function helps create a correspondence between internal and external data values. 

Step 5. Import and export the data or folder: In this step, you need to import your files and folder in Sagex3.

Troubleshooting Errors While Importing the Folder in Sage x3

There are various troubleshooting methods that you can use to troubleshoot importing the folder related error in Sage x3, we have listed some of them as below for the reference purpose:

  • First of all, you should run the script _adxfolderseq.sql on SQL management studio/console, here you will be able to check and view the error that you are facing while importing the folders in Sage x3.
  • Updating the Sage x3 configuration console settings can also help in resolving the issue. For updating the console setting you need to refresh the configuration screen of your Sage x3 web server in the console and the console will automatically detect the updates. You can then click the configure button to complete the update and after that restart the importing folder process.
  • You can try updating parameters from the ADOVAL table, if you are facing a folder validating error, because some values in tables are not correctly updated.

Last Word

Hope the above steps can help you out in the resolution of errors, but we have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions on around the topic and related things, which serve as a reference document if you are stuck somewhere while the folder import process in Sage x3.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am facing an error while using the remote import function, what can I do?

    This generally happens when you are trying to import a folder in Sage x3 from a solution installed on a Unix server and ‘tar’ , ‘gzip’ utilities are not installed there or available in the path. You will have to correct this to troubleshoot the error while using the remote import function.

  2. I have imported the folder with the help of Sage x3 console, but it is not appearing in the solution folder place or tab, what can I do?

    This happens when Sage x3 configuration console is unable to complete the creation of the folder record. You can consult the log file to understand what happened while creating the folder record. After that, you can either save the record of your imported folder from the parent folder or revalidate the imported folder from the parent folder.

  3. How to troubleshoot Error “AINSTCONS: the process does not exist in the archive” in the import process?

    If you come across this error at the end of the import when console logs connect to the application via the root folder for initializing the new folder, then you will have to update your application by applying the available patches and restart the import process.

  4. I wanted to connect to the Sage database, can you let me know the steps?

    You can do this by opening Sage 50 on your system and after that you need to open the company file. After that click on select maintain> users and after that setup the security window. After this, you need to select the login credentials and click on change, you can do this under the access from outside Sage 50. After entering your credentials, press enter. Protection Status


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