How to Print 1096 Forms for 1099-Type Vendors in Sage 50?

Print 1096 Forms for 1099-Type Vendors in Sage 50

1096 forms are used to summarize the 1099 forms that you send to the IRS on behalf of your 1099-type suppliers. Here in this blog, we will tell you how to print 1096 forms. Before printing the same, note thatthis is a specific machine-readable type that should always be printed rather than plain-paper forms on the IRS regulation.

How to Print Form No 1096 in Sage 50

  1. Insert the preprinted blank 1096 form into your printer. Sage 50 includes a form that is both basic and pre-addressed. Discover how to get preprinted federal paperwork.
  2. Select Reports & Forms from the Reports & Forms menu.
  3. Tap on Forms
  4. Then there are the tax forms.
  5. Then Select a Report or Form box that appears in Sage 50.
  6. Select Form 1096 – Preprinted or Form 1096 – Preaddressed Preprint from the Forms list. The Preview and Print filter screen is displayed by Sage 50.
  7. Check to ensure that the payroll year is correct.
  8. Enter the name of your company’s contact person; this will show in the “Name of person to contact” field on the printed 1096.
  9. Click the Alter Limitations option if you wish to manually adjust the lower limits set by the federal government.

Set the lower limits in the 1096 Lower Limits window as desired. You should include the same payment types that you specified when you created the 1099s in the Payment Method filter. Please tell me more about this.

  1. When you’ve done configuring the filter pane, click Print/Email.
  2. Sage 50 displays the default printer in the Print dialogue. To print to a different printer, click the drop-down arrow in the Name column and choose a new one. Otherwise, click OK to begin printing the forms.

If you receive a notice stating that there are no forms to print, it is possible that you do not have vendors set up as 1099-type vendors, or that the 1099 vendors do not satisfy the minimum payment criteria. Repeat the preceding steps to print numerous copies.

Important Thing to Note

 When submitting paper 1099 documents, the 1096 form is necessary. When mailing 1099s to the IRS, bundle them together and include a separate 1096 for each batch of 1099s. Because 1096 is a machine-readable form, it should always be printed on preprinted paper rather than plain paper.


Is it possible for one to create their own 1099 forms?

This IRS form’s official printed version is scannable, however a copy printed from this website is not. Do not print and file a Form 1096 downloaded from this website; a penalty may be levied if information returns forms that cannot be scanned are filed with the IRS.

What are the things included by Sage 50 predefined 1096 forms to print 1099 forms?

The following things are provided with Sage 50 predefined 1096 forms to print 1099 forms:

  • 1096 Form Preprinted: Use this form if you wish to fill in your address or adhere an address label to the form’s area.
  • 1096 Preaddressed This form has your company name and address preprinted on it.

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