How to Setup Sage 50 Email (Webmail)?

how to setup sage 50 email webmail

With its amazing features, Setup Sage 50 Email has helped businesses perform their accounting and bookkeeping functions with the desired efficiency. Sage 50 Email is one such feature. With the help of this, businesses can link their email Ids with Sage and perform important tasks through their outlook or webmail ids. They can send and receive reports, send invoices to clients and many more.

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You need to keep the below-mentioned things in mind before setting up the Sage 50 Email:

  • A valid password and username on the email server    
  • Address of the Incoming mail server
  • Address of the Outgoing mail server
  • Port number (by default, it is 587 and 465)          

If you are not sure about these details, you may contact your Internet Service provider (ISP).

How to Set Up a Sage 50 Email through Microsoft Office Outlook?

sage 50 email through outlook
Sage 50 Email through Microsoft Office Outlook

Here, we will mention two simple methods to set up email in Sage 50. Please follow the below-mentioned steps-

1st Method: By using the default email application

  • Navigate to Maintain at the top
  • Now move to email set up
  • Click on default email application
  • Now you can use the MAPI compliant email application and email from reports

2nd Method: By using Webmail

  • Navigate to Maintain menu at the top
  • Now move to email set up
  • Change the mail setting from default to use a webmail account
  • Now click on the link named Add Account Information
  • Select the webmail service type
  • Enter the email address you prefer (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook  or others)
  • If you select Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, fill in the address for the email account you would like to use. Then click OK
  • If you select others, you will be asked to enter the name of the SMTP port and SMTP server pertaining to your email service. You will also be asked to specify if you require a secure (TLS/SSL) connection or not. If you are not sure about these, speak to your email service provider.

Please note: If you wish to set up Yahoo or Gmail account, you should go to the account settings of these applications and configure the account to allow less secure application. Else, they will block emails sent through Sage.

Once the email account is defined, you may use the edit hyperlinks to make the changes you desire.

We hope the sequential steps mentioned above would help you a great deal to set up an email easily in Sage 50. If you are still facing any difficulties in carrying out the above-mentioned steps, you may speak to our experts, anytime you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are few questions that are mostly asked.

How to get Email Server settings for Microsoft Outlook?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps-
1. Navigate to Control Panel
2. Click on Mail
3. Click Email accounts
4. Select your email account
5. Click on Change
6. You will get the SMTP Address of the Outgoing mail server
7. Now click on More Settings
8. Go to Advanced option
9. Next to the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER SMTP, you will get the port number you need

What are the SMTP Server Address and Port Number of Outlook 365, Gmail and Yahoo Mail?

ISP (Internet Service Provider) SMTP Server SMTP Port
GMAIL 465 or 587
YAHOO 465 or 587

What to do, getting Sage 50 error: There is no e-mail program associated to perform the requested action?

This happens when Sage 50 & Outlook not working at same security level. Also, when batch emailing, having more than one address with a space or commas can result in an error. This happens when you choose not to see each email before sending it. It is advised that the customer record just have one email address. So, you need to install MS Outlook as an Administrator. After that you need to uninstall/reinstall Email Writer.

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