How to Void a Check in Sage 50?

how to void a check in sage 50

If you want to make sure that a check isn’t used as a blank Void a Check in Sage 50, then you should void the check and record it in Sage 50. To void a check in Sage 50 is very easy. All you need to do is follow a few specific steps until the check is recorded as a void one. Used popularly for setting up automatic payments or verifying ownership of a product, voided checks are traditionally created by simply writing VOID on a check, but you need to follow specific checks to create voided checks in Sage 50.

You have specifically two options to void a check in Sage 50:

  • Void Checks option in the Tasks menu.
  • Select void in the Write checks, payroll entry, or payments window.

When you select one of the options for creating a voided check in Sage 50, the software will automatically create a list of checks and display them in the Void Existing checks window. Checks that have been cleared in the account reconciliation cannot be voided. Also, checks that don’t have a reference or check number won’t be listed in the list. So you won’t be able to void them via this method.

Upon voiding a check, the following happens behind the scenes in Sage 50:

  • Check that you created originally is marked clearly in the Account Reconciliation report.
  • A copy of the original check is created automatically. This copy contains a negative amount and retains the check number of the original check with a V suffixed at the end.
  • When you view the check, you’ll find that the word VOID appears in big red letters written on the check.
  • The check is cleared automatically in the Account Reconciliation.

Again, voiding a check is a very simple process. However, you must be cautious and only void checks that don’t mess up your balance sheet.

To void a printed check in Sage 50, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Print Checks screen.
  2. Select No when a prompt appears asking ‘are the checks printed correctly?’
  3. Select Not printed to reset the check status. You can select either:
    1. Double click on the column names check the status
    2. Selecting the Reprint Range option
  4. Click on Close.
  5. When you select the Check Run & Void, all the checks that you selected will be voided by Sage 50.

Voiding a printed check that contains a payment entry in Sage 50

If you entered the wrong payment amount on a check and then printed it, then you should check and create a new one. Follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Open Accounts Payable menu.
  2. Click on AP Transactions.
  3. Select Payment Entry.
  4. In the new window, view the entry and locate the detail table.
  5. Click on the check that you want to void.
  6. Click on Void Check.

When you need to unvoid a check, you can simply delete the voided copy. This tells Sage 50 to automatically restore the original check and unlist it from the Account Reconciliation. You’ll have to then clear the check when you reconcile it in your books.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

How to void a check that’s been printed and posted?

It requires locating your Bank Services and selecting the option of Reverse Transactions. It will reverse the check and re-establish the AP invoice. Once the user can generate a new payment batch, you can repost and then reprint the check after ensuring that there are no further errors.

How To Delete A Check In A Closed Year In Sage 50?

This is impossible to do. One simply cannot remove transactions or void checks prostate in a year that has been closed. However, you can make certain edits to your data and work from there in order to fulfill your tasks. In case you want to reverse the change, then you’ll have to go back to the previous year or select the current year and create a custom Journal entry.

How do I remove custom checks from Sage 50?

To remove custom checks from Sage 50, you should follow the steps provided below:
You’ll have to create a General journal entry in order to reverse the amount from the check. 1. This general journal entry must be connected to the G/L account.
2. No, you have to remove the check from the outstanding checks reports. You can do so by pulling up the account reconciliation report and deleting the outstanding check.
3. The new general journal entry that you created will reverse the entries.
4. Now, go to the checks menu and check the outstanding checks and make sure that the voided check is no longer displayed there.


You can void checks easily in Sage 50 US & Canada versions. However, you may have some difficulty in doing the same when working with data from the previous year. You can either use the inbuilt tools to void a check or create a general journal entry. Once you’ve voided the check, you won’t see it in the outstanding checks menu. To know more or to get help with voiding a check in Sage 50, get in touch with our experts at our LIVE CHAT.

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