Peachtree pvsw.loc Errors

Sage (erstwhile known as Peachtree) has been able to manage a loyal user base and a growing user base from the time it hit the market. While it has been able to hold its ground in the competitive world of accounting applications, it still has to struggle with errors in its software often. Some of these errors are together called the pvsw.loc errors because they are associated with the type of file which is –PVSW.loc.

In this blog, we will tell you more about errors related to pvsw.loc and how you can resolve them by following specific step-by-step instructions. It has the right information about these errors and the way you can fix them as there is very little information about them out there.

What is a Pvsw.loc file?

The pervasive engine designates a single computer to be the access point of the data when the user runs Peachtree in a multi-user environment. While this computer becomes responsible for the actual reading and writing of data, other computers only send read/ write requests to that computer and may not access the data which Peachtree contains. Peachtree creates a text file to indicate which computer is the master and stores it in the company folder. This file is called PVSW.LOC which stands for Pervasive Software and it contains the name of the computer which is designated as the master

What are Peachtree pvsw.loc Errors?

PVSW. Lov contains a lot of errors. Some of that is that …

  1.  While creating a backup you may get the error saying “Sage 50 is unable to connect to its database Pervasive on computer ( computer name ) “
  2. If you are opening a archived company , an error with the message gets displayed that “ Sage 50 is unable to connect to its database Pervasive on computer ( computer name ) ‘
  3. When sharing a company file to Sage Drive , you can get the error accompanied by the message “Sage 50 s unable to connect to its database Pervasive on computer ( computer name)
  4. A corrupt database Pervasive could be present on server.

What are the various causes of ~PVSW~.LOC errors?

You may encounter pvsw.loc errors due to the following reasons-

  1. The name of the computer is incorrect in one of the archived company files.
  2. You have used copy/paste to move data from one computer to another instead of backup/restore.
  3. The data path is incorrect
  4. The server name is not set or is incorrect.

How to Resolve Peachtree pvsw.loc Errors?

If you are facing the first error which is related to the unavailability of a database Engine, then follow one of the resolutions below –

  1. You are encountering an error with the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine. We have provided multiple solutions that may help you overcome this issue.
    • If the pvsw.loc file in the company data folder is referring to the wrong server or is damage
    • Close the Sage application.
    • Navigate to the location where the company file is present
    • Now , you have to delete pvsw.loc for that company
    • Start the Sage 50 application again and check if the company file opens without error.
  2. The other two method requires user to follow a workaround for making backups which consists of –
    • Uncheck the checkbox next to Include Archives in the Backup when you are saving a backup.
    • Click on OK to save the backup.
    • Method : 1
      • Click Maintain Company information and note down the path of the directory.
      • Click OK and exit Sage 50.
      • Navigate to the location of the directory and delete the pvsw.loc file.
      • Now close Windows Explorer and open Sage 50.
      • Check if you can open the archived companies and backup.
    • Method 2:
    • You have to create a clean data folder and copy and paste .DAT files , version.txt , KMSkeys.xml , the KeysBackup folder along with the attachments folder,
  3. Correct your data path if it is incorrect.
  4. If you face error mentioned above in point 4. You have to browse to your data path, open the pvsw.loc file in notepad and rectify by putting the right name of the server.
  5. Server has corrupt Database pervasive- For this you have to rectify the corrupt Database Pervasive on the server and then check if you can open the company file.
  6. Ping to the server – Take help from your network administrator or an IT professional for this , especially when you receive a Request timed out error


In this blog, we have provided ways by which you can resolve errors related to pvsw.loc files. Certainly, troubleshooting such errors could be very complicated and not everyone may have the required expertise to handle them. We, at Fastfix247 acknowledge this and encourage you to ask for assistance that they may need from our experts. We provide contact information, including a phone number and email address, and respond right away to your messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I got an error while deleting the.LOC file saying that Pervasive has opened. How to resolve this?

    Stop the Pervasive service and restart it only before opening the Sage application.

  2. Can I receive an error if I have set the network to Public on the server?

    Yes, this causes an error. You have to then assign the server connection to the desired network profile or provide your firewall with exceptions.

  3. Are There any Minor Issues that can also cause pvsw.loc error?

    Yes, errors like a damaged Windows management Instrumentation, having different version of Sage on workstation and server, restrictions by firewalls can also cause pvsw.loc errors. Protection Status


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