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Sage 300 is an enterprise-level resource planning software that offers flexible business management solutions for small and mid-size businesses. The software offers out-of-the-box solutions to help your company grow. How to upgrade to Sage 2018 with its powerful features and functionalities, the software allows you to manage your accounting, inventory, operations, and distribution across borders, in multiple currencies and locations.

Some of the functionalities of Sage 300 include:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Payroll management
  • Human resource management
  • Distribution and operational management
  • Finance and accounts management
  • Service and project management
  • Business intelligence and reporting

Benefits of using Sage 300 Software


Sage 300 is a powerful system that provides business solutions for all four phases of many companies. It includes handling finances, sales, customer relationship management, human resource requirements and more. All these phases are wrapped in a shield of reliability thanks to the accuracy and variety this company offers.

Advanced Features:

Sage 300 is a scalable, customizable and comprehensive software solution for small businesses. With its structured implementation and dedicated technical support, it has the advanced features that big companies need. Consumers will take notice as you offer them a smooth integration of your software with their work process. The application is also available in on-premise deployment or in the cloud – giving you lots of flexibility in choice!

Global Business Outlook:

Sage 300 is an enterprise resource planning solution that can improve your company’s visibility throughout all its operations. The application supports multiple currencies and entities, as well as a variety of languages and productivity measures. You can also set up quality and productivity goals with the option for on-premise or online cloud deployment, so you’ll be able to see your company’s progress toward meeting them.

Chat Help:

Customer can get help from on the chat, working in customer 24×7. During the holiday, federal leave customer can send offline message which will server next working day.

Training Program:

Current running training program for those customers who bought SAGE software from us. Soon we will expand the SAGE training program to cover students, professionals, bookkeeper, accountant to provide learning how to work with SAGE Software.

Sage Business Care:

Official services provided by SAGE Inc for their exclusive customer- with Silver, Gold and Platinum plans SAGE open new space for the customer which included

When using Sage 300, it’s important to remember that the software isn’t perfect. It may also encounter issues when it becomes outdated or when there are compatibility errors. As a result, these errors may cause major problems. It’s important to report the issue to the company in order to get help resolving it. The company maintains an experienced and compassionate support staff, who can be reached via multiple ways.

  • Phone Support: It’s easy to get in touch with a member of the Sage 300 help desk. Simply call the toll free number and connect with them for resolution of any errors.
  • Download & Updates: Get product updates as they happen. No more falling behind on important information such as when your software will be updated. Keeping your software up-to-date is easy with updates from Collect.
  • Knowledgebase: For all your doubts and queries, visit our Knowledge Base. It’s an online resource that helps you solve any technical problems you might have.
  • Live Chat: Connect with a Sage representative and get help instantly.
  • Online Community: Visit Sage City to get help from customers, employees, and product experts.

However, using Sage 300 may require some level of expertise, especially if you are a novice user. In case, you find it difficult to use the software or face issues and errors while working on it, give us a call. Dial our toll free Sage 50 helpline number to get in touch with our Sage specialists. Our team of expert technicians is ready to assist you 24X7. They have years of experience and complete technical knowledge in dealing with Sage 300 related problems and can help resolve all Sage 300 issues in no time. They even assure first call resolution of even the most complicated tech problems.

So, call us at to enjoy an uninterrupted, superlative remote tech support experience and get instant resolution to all your Sage 300 technical issues. Protection Status


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