Sage 50 2022 US Edition (Peachtree) Installation / Download – Improved & Simplified

sage 50 2022 us edition peachtree installation download

On the heels of the new Sage 50 2022, we will talk about the enhanced features and improvements available in it. We know the excitement of the people to know the software in detail for its better usage. When it’s come to productivity, business owners always think about building the right accounting toolkit for accounting. By taking in mind the needs of the users, every year new version of Sage 50 is released with new surprises. The Sage 50 2022 has optimizing features that exceed the client’s expectations. Let’s delve into the Sage updated release through the below post.

Sage 50 2022 New Improvements:

The released Sage 50 2022 comes with alluring and time-saving features to take your business to the competitive edge. There are tons of accounting options available to assist you in managing finance operations. Here is the list of new improvements over the existing Sage version is seen in the news release:

State Paid Family and Medical Leave enhancements:

Paid Family and Medical leave come under the State-mandated law. According to this law, employees are provided with medical leave and paid family. Recording the time frame of paid medical leave and family leave of the employees seems complex in Sage 50 previous version. Fortunately, the new Sage 50 2022 comes with an easy method to store these important records on the payroll. The payroll new functionality is indeed very beneficial to accommodate the paid leave deductions.

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Reporting Enhancements in Sage 50 2022:

  • Now on the Tax Liability Report, there is a section available for paid family leave
  • A support has been included in the new release for simplifying the Paid Family and medical leave amounts to get populated on the suitable tax reports.
  • The enhanced functionality expanding the fields to fill details specifically related to family leave. Here the below figure describes the payroll setup wizard with Sage maintained formulas and the fields for both employer and employee for calculating states specific withholding amounts 
Payroll Settings

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Banking Services Improvements:

In the new Sage 2022 release, the account reconciliation process is simplified. This bank feed lets you link directly to the financial institutions. This improvement is very helpful in saving time and increasing reliability. So If you want to experience a simplified process of connecting new Banks to the Sage 50 then download the Sage 50 2022 version.

Enhanced Sage 50 Remote Data Access:

The Remote Data Access in Sage 50 was formerly named Sage Drive. Now the new release comes with great improvements in Remote Data Access. It will help you in determining the connection errors due to internet connection drop or Sage service outage. It in turn results in taking better decisions. The following dialog will prompt on the screen if you experience internet connection loss:

Remote Data Access

Moreover, you can access the company file offline! There is available a new feature of opening and access the company file in a read-only mode. Follow the below figure:

More Options

Provide an explanation of read only mode

sage 50 explanation of read only mode

1099 References Update:

In regard to Tax reporting system 2020, the IRS reformed Form 1099-MISC and modified the field designation. They also redesigned Form 1099-NEC for non-employee compensation reporting. We already know the last year’s reporting changes in both 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC to check the entries. In the traditional version there require time for making changes in the Sage 50 descriptive fields. Fortunately, in the new release Sage 2022, there are drastic improvements now the 1099 default settings have been changed, and the designations of the box redirect to the right form with reported data.


So hopefully now you are aware of the new changes available in Sage 20 2022. We know that a new release makes the users face a new learning curve. Hence the main objective of the above article is to make you understand the features of the Sage new release. This will let you how to add the value of the tool and helps you running the latest Sage version to simplify your accounting. What to think? Download Sage 20 2022, install it and see the difference.


Few Questions that matters.

Is there a specific system requirement for downloading Sage 50 2022?

Yes, you need to check the minimum requirement before downloading the new release Sage 50 2022. The recommended Sage 50 2022 system requirements are:

  • 2.4 GHz processor (Intel Core i3 and advanced) for both single and multiple users
  • Ram of 4 GB for a single user

What if their error trigger sharing my company on Remote Data Access in Sage 50 2022?

If Processing collaboration gets stuck in a loop while using Remote Data Access is because of the wrong files or corrupted files in the company folder. To fix the error you need to delete the SynsState.txt file or clean the company folder.

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Where do I get the serial number of Sage 50 2022?

  • You need to locate the Help option
  • Click on the top toolbar
  • Choose About Sage 50 Accounting

How would I download the Sage 50 2022 tax form updates?

  • Locate Services tab
  • Hit on Check updates. These are saved to a folder named Updates in the data path
  • Check in the network setup there installed service release update; it must be installed on the server
  • Now verify the updates on all the system using Sage 50

How can I update Sage 50 2021 to Sage 50 2022?

Sage 50 2020 comes in the latest versions so you can easily download the update on it with the below instructions:

  • Open the Sage 50 on the system
  • Locate the Services option appears on the top menu bar
  • Give a click on Check for updates button
  • Hit Check now tab
  • It will display the updates entitled to download the update
  • Click on it and close the Sage 50 2021
  • The runs window will pop up on the screen
  • Follow the instructions and start downloading the Sage 50 2022 updates