Sage 50 Cannot Find a Required File or it Has Been Corrupted

Don’t panic! When Your Sage 50 cannot find a Required File or it has been Corrupt

Sage 50 Cant Find Required File or Been Corrupted is a specially crafted accounting software for small and medium sized business. The software is assimilated with features and tools for all the industry of business. The interactive and easy interface of the software allures the non-technical person also to use the software with great ease. Sage 50 authorizes utmost security to all the company financial data saved within the software. Software and errors go hand in hand.

Similarly Sage 50 accounting software also encounters errors that create hindrance in the work-flow.

Sometimes Sage 50 fails to locate the required company file saved within the software so the file is corrupt. To receive immediate resolution to the problem you can always connect with FastFix247.Com helpdesk professionals.

Sage 50 accounting software when fails to fetch the company file the user wants to work with it displays an error message: “Sage 50 cannot find the required file or it has been corrupted. Please reinstall Sage 50 or contact Sage Technical Support.” The user might encounter other error message like: “One or more objects are outside of the printable area”. When the error happens it restricts you to print the form and also to email it. The user is unable to send important reports to PDF file as well. The error might occur due to multiple reasons. They are as follows:

Primary Causes of Sage 50 Cannot Find a Required File: 

sage 50 cant find a required file or it has been corrupted

The error usually happens due to several reasons. So it is imperative to identify the exact reason for the occurrence of the error. Knowing the reason for the error helps in immediate fixing of the problem without wastage of time. The reasons for this error are:

You can approach our Sage customer service team for resolution of the error. Our support team is very much active in providing immediate solutions. You can connect with the team via the phone support number.

How to Locate the Company file?

There are different methods suggested to find out the company file within Sage 50 program.

Solution I: When the user needs to find the location once opening the company file in Sage 50 software.

  • Choose File -> File name & location will be shown in Properties.
  • You will get a blue hyperlink -> Click on that.
  • A direct file location will be displayed in the Windows Explorer window.

Solution II: When the user fails to find the location of the company file under scenarios My computer has never been altered and the data file is opened recently by the user.

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  • Go to the Open Company window, then choose the inverted triangle within the filename box
  • Under the filename box a list of various locations will be displayed when the same file has been accessed earlier.
  • Choose the required file and then click Open.

Solution III: Employ the Windows search tool

Solution IV: Use the Command prompt

  • Use Windows Key + R at the same time to go open the Run window
  • Enter cmd -> Click OK to open the command prompt
  • Type dir /s /p C:\*.sai in the command prompt then enter 

Solution VI: Employ Sage 50 Program Recent open list

  • Click Sage 50 program icon.
  • Choose the company file that is needed to open.

Solution VII: Look for an automatic backup location

  • Open the invalid company file.
  • Choose Settings -> Company file -> create Backup.
  • If auto backup of the file is created under Scheduled Backup option note the file location.
  • Open Windows Explorer -> Open the location above
  • Choose the date and copy file onto your desktop
  • Restore from backup.

If the error still persists, you can connect with our FastFix247.Com technical help-desk team.