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sage 50 data security privileges

Cyber-attacks have become critical and common nowadays. With this trend on the rise, most medium-scale companies lacking proper administrative and technical budgets are often unable to detect and mitigate such online attacks. This brings a significant threat to their data-heavy infrastructure and environment. In this regard, Sage 50 software is used in various products which are closely integrated with one another.

Organizations that have ongoing concerns about cyber attacks and want to prevent the risks of encountering any financial and/or reputation consequences invest with Sage 50 support providers. This lets them prioritize security without setting aside a substantial part of their budget to protect their Sage Accounts data. Sage 50 gives various options that can control data security and can prevent users from potentially fraudulent activities.

These includes:

  • Company Users: Usernames and Passwords
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Audit Trail Log
  • Backup and Restore

Company Users: User Names and Passwords

Sage 50 allows custom access for different individuals. It lets you set up user profiles for everyone who will be using Sage 50. Every user record is set up with a user name and password that will be needed before opening and working with the company data. User profiles in Sage 50 also improve security and personal accountability, as the Sage 50 audit trail feature provides.

Account Reconciliation

Sage 50 lets you reconcile any general ledger account. Typically, you can reconcile bank accounts, cash accounts, and even credit card accounts. Make sure that you systematically reconcile accounts every time so that you can instantly signal bank errors, match the actual data with Sage 50 data, and detect potentially fraudulent activity.

Audit Trail

Sage 50 has various methods to track information. For instance, the general ledger, reports, journals, and financial statements can be used to trace transactions.

Nevertheless, if you wish to track when any action is being performed in your company data, Sage 50’s audit trail gives you this information in a very clear form. The audit trail records when someone enters any data, maintains existing data, or removes data.

The audit trail gives accountability to users, prevents users from fraudulent activity, and tracks transaction history. It can trace fraudulent activity, and other accounting changes you may not know were done.

If you plan to have Sage 50 to maintain an audit trail record, it is highly recommended that you set up the user profiles in your company.

Restore and Backup

You should back up your company data frequently and store these backups in a separate and secure location. Backing up data enables you to record a snapshot of the current state of your company. If you suspect any unusual event, you can restore a backup. Backups are also helpful for auditing purposes.

How to Implement Approaches to Reduce Susceptibility and Protect Sage 50 Data?

  • Being the first line of defense against cyber threats: There’s a huge concern about inside data breaches with cloud computing and other hybrid technology adoption. Sage 50 software support has a team of experienced technical professionals who can control the physical access to sensitive data and track possible sources that can lead to security breaches.
  • Customized Security Strategy: Outsourcing Sage 50 data support to security experts can help businesses leverage the capabilities of experienced IT professionals who can create and implement customized security programs to protect Sage 50 data from threats.

Moreover, with this, the possibility of cyber threats can further slash down.

  • Investment in SIEM Solutions can be kept at Bay: Another apparent advantage of having Sage 50 data protection specialists are saving significant money from investment in using applications like Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions to protect your data from cyber-attacks.

The SIEM tool can automatically detect unusual behavior within a network. If such incidents occur, then the Sage team will investigate the issue and consequently correlate this information to previous incidents to draw patterns. This will help your company to not repetitively fall prey to such cyber-attack events arising from the same source in the future.

  • Repairing Office Systems: The Sage 50 support team will always update the critical security patch to protect your systems’ vulnerability against risky cyber security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can I do with the Sage security shield?

Sage Security Shield lets you make decisions with advanced job costing, view performance with advanced budgeting, and monitor your accounts with Audit Trails.

Question: How can I set up a sage user?

Setting up Sage 50 users includes many steps. First, you need to give the user a username and password. Then, select the type of access the user will have to the Sage 50 program.

Question: When can I enter my Sage 50 password?

Once the usernames and passwords are set up, Sage 50 prompts you for a username and password. If you correctly enter your password, you can access the areas of the program to which you have rights.

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