Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

sage 50 error loading current company file

User Query: I get the following message when I try to open the Sage 50 Accounting: ‘Error loading the current company file.’ How can I get this fixed?

Answer: Many Sage 50 user may get this error: “loading current company file” when trying to launch the program or open a company or company missing after updating the server on sage 50 desktop or Mac.

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Note: You need to take a back up before proceeding with the following steps or contact our Sage 50 experts.

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Reason for Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

+ Incorrect company attempts to open automatically
+ Release or build is not quite the same on all network computers.
+ Activated Service Release on some and not others machines
+ Open workstation until update is installed
+ On computers but do not have the similar release or build as the computer that generated the backup, backup has been reinstated.

Best Way to Fix Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

Step I: Upgrade installed on a server, but its not an updated workstation or business on another machine.

Step II: Open Splash Screen by force

+ Right-click and pick Properties from the Sage symbol.
+ To copy, highlight the Target line and press the CTRL+C keys.
+ Close Properties Window. 
+ To open the Run Thread, press the WINDOWS+R keys.
+ To paste the goal shortcut, select the Run line and press the CTRL+V keys.
+ Attach a room at the end of the line and then ABC.

Like: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Sage 50\Peachw.exe” ABC

+ Only click OK.
+ On the splash screen, Sage 50 will open up.
+ When Sage 50 opens the splash screen, please ensure that you open the correct company. Mention: To avoid the software from trying to launch the company that was last used, go to Options and choose Start with Last Opened Company to remove the check mark.

+ Go to Services, Search for Updates to install and download the new Service Release if the correct company has launched, but the error persists.
+ If, after downloading the update, the problem persists, continue to the next segment.

Step III: Restoring Poor Backup

+ Build and restore another backup
+ Using another backup

Step IV: Disabled data files in the data folder of a business

+ Verify that without mistake, you can open your company

Need Help?

Incase you still face the issue , just reach to our LIVE CHAT to fix your Sage 50 issue.