Sage 50 Hosting Services (Secure Cloud Hosting) Within Budget

sage 50 hosting services secure cloud hosting within budget

It is easy to handle invoicing and accounting data from the comfort of your home with Sage 50 Hosting. The Sage 50 cloud adds much value to your accounting and invoicing operations without biting too much into your pocket. This keeps your accounting application up and running all the time with a guaranteed up time of 99.9%. The super fast, 256-bit encrypted and SSD based server processing of Sage 50 Hosting yields a real-time response to every action.

Sage 50 Hosting Features & Benefits:

You can manage your financials, decrease your IT costs, save time and enjoy total peace of mind and security with your favorite version of cloud Sage 50 hosting. In the cloud-hosted Sage 50 environment, you enjoy the freedom of accessing your data and files remotely on a dedicated server from anywhere. Then, if a quick task pops up at 8 PM on a Friday night, you will not have to worry about rushing to the office. Rather, you can log into your remote system from home and use your software just the way you would like from a traditional workstation. Essentially, if you select the Sage 50 hosting solution, then your team will be able to use the secure cloud to avail the trusted features and the data you need to successfully accomplish your jobs.

sage 50 hosting services
Sage 50 Hosting Services

Some of the important features and benefits of the Sage 50 Hosting Solution are:

  • Remote Access – It has an improved remote access with greater accessibility, flexibility and resilience for your business and your team.
  • Sage Live Support When You Need It – It offers around the clock support, 365 days a year. This means, work never stops just because you have an issue.
  • Maintenance & Updates – Regular server updates and maintenance ensure top performance and reliability so that your team can be more productive.
  • Real-time Information – Real-time balance sheets and P&L viewing ensure that you and your team are not working with outdated information.
  • Data Security – It comes with enhanced data security features that include an optional 2-factor authentication, to keep your information safe and secured.
  • Advanced Reporting – You can observe how your business is performing by keeping a proper track of income and by managing expenses more effectively.

Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Costs:

The pricing for Sage 50 and Sage 50 Quantum hosting is quoted as price per user /month. You can enjoy the freedom of accessing your files and data remotely, while also simplifying your IT costs at the same time. This would also increase your productivity.

Sage ProductsSage Hosting (USD/User)Sage Hosting (CAD/User)
Sage 50 Premium$55$60
Sage 50 Quantum$65$70
Sage 100 StandardTalk to UsTalk to Us
Sage 100 AdvancedTalk to UsTalk to Us
Sage 100 PremiumTalk to UsTalk to Us
Sage 100 Contractor (NON-SQL)Talk to UsTalk to Us
Sage 100 Contractor (SQL EXPRESS)Talk to UsTalk to Us
Sage 100 Contractor (FULL SQL)Talk to UsTalk to Us
Sage 300 StandardTalk to UsTalk to Us
Sage 300 PremiumTalk to UsTalk to Us
Sage 300 CRETalk to UsTalk to Us
Sage 500Talk to UsTalk to Us
Sage BusinessWorksTalk to UsTalk to Us
Sage CRMTalk to UsTalk to Us
Sage Enterprise ManagementTalk to UsTalk to Us
Sage Fixed Assets (NON-SQL)Talk to UsTalk to Us
Sage Fixed Assets (FULL SQL)Talk to UsTalk to Us
Sage HRMSTalk to UsTalk to Us
Sage Hosting Product Pricing Chat

It’s easy to expand or contract your computing and storage as per the need. Sage 50 Hosting offers world-class hosting solutions which significantly minimizes the overhead costs for the users and guarantees significant savings.

Why Choose FastFix247 for Sage 50 Cloud Hosting?

Fastfix247 provides comprehensive Sage 50 hosting facility & it’s a most reliable Sage 50 Cloud hosting provider in the US & Canada. The in-house team of experts can design and deploy a complete Sage 50 hosting environment on the cloud for you. From the installation & management of Sage 50 application on the servers to managing the data migration, from installing the latest updates and security patches to monitoring servers and handling data backups – our experts manage every single requirement you have. Make most of your accounting operations while ensuring the easy use, availability, accessibility, and security of your hosted Sage 50 Accounting solutions.


Why Use Sage 50 Hosting?

It is the smartest accounting option for the SMBs to maximize their financial efficiency. It allows you to access your data and accounts anytime, from anywhere.

Where can I host Sage 50?

Sage 50 is hosted on the cloud. The Sage application and the data files are moved into the cloud in real time. The user data is kept safely in the cloud.

Is my data secured in Sage 50 hosting?

Absolutely. It is embedded with highly advanced and 256-bit encrypted SSD servers. Hence, it would provide the highest level of security to your crucial business data.

What are Sage 50 Hosting services?

Our Sage 50 hosting services are an all-inclusive package that includes extra perks such as a dedicated hosting that is custom-built to meet your specific business requirements. For data sovereignty, data centers are being built in the United States and Canada. Support is available 24 hours a day & 7 days a week, reducing your on-premise hardware and IT maintenance expenditures. Data backups are taken every day and kept for 15 days. The team is in charge of OS patching, updates, and server maintenance.