Whether you are a not-for profit organization, social enterprise, church, or charity, keeping a record of your funds can help you better track your finances and expenditure. To aid your accounting and record keeping tasks, Sage offers Sage 50 Accounting for Nonprofits. The software helps you better record donations, manage both restricted and unrestricted income, track expenses, and create invoices and reports.

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Benefits of Sage 50 Not for Profit accounting

Some of the biggest benefits of the software include:

  • Ability to track and manage cash flow
  • Control user access and secure business data
  • Analyze your expected payments and receipts
  • Print a donor and grantor receipt report
  • Set up email alerts to prioritize tasks
  • Print or direct deposit paychecks
  • Create fundraising letters
  • Accept new donors with a welcome letter template
  • Produce accurate nonprofit-specific reports
  • Set up nonprofit-specific chart of accounts

Want to get started?

Need help installing and setting up Sage 50 Not for Profit accounting software? Give us a call. Dial toll free and we can provide immediate assistance for all your Sage 50 technical issues tasks. Call now!

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