Sage 50 Smartposting Error

Sage 50 is Another Sage error that arises while there are damaged software files or you have inadequate balance is Smartposting service blocked in the beginning. When this Error occurs, users may see any of the following error messages: Smartposting system has hung or failed, cannot switch to real-time posting, the transaction would not post, and so on. This might be aggravating if you keep receiving the same error message. If you’re tired of seeing this error message or seeking quick fixes, read this article to learn how to stop them from appearing on your system. Smartposting service cannot be restarted, Smartposting service crashes, Smartposting service hangs, Smartposting service stops, Transactions will not post, and Sage 50 Smartposting Error has hung or crashed

What is Sage 50 Smartposting Error?

Smartposting is a positional option that allows you to save transactions without having to wait for them to post, which helps you increase your performance. The Sage 50 Smartposting service publishes your transactions automatically. This programme also assists you with bill payment, tax preparation, financial record keeping, and even invoicing. It considers network setups with several users operating in a firm at the same time. It recommends that you switch to real-time publishing if your organization has less than ten employees.

What are the Causes?of Sage 50 Smartposting Error?

The Main Causes of Sage 50 SmartPosting Error are as follows:

  • Application files have been corrupted.
  • Smartposting has ceased operations.
  • Damaged or tainted transactions.
  • The transaction that is out of balance.
  • One of the explanations might be environmental variables such as a firewall or antivirus software.

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What are the Ways to Fix Sage 50 Smartposting Error?

There are different ways to Fix Sage 50 SmartPosting Error, The below solution may assist you in resolving your problem.

Step 1: Smartposting Has Been Installed.

  • Close any Sage 50 software that is currently executing on the server.
  • Now, examine your server for the following installed files ?:
    • Executable
    • Exe.config
    • dll’s
  • Now, you have to copy the command at the notepad, sc create “Sage 50 Smartposting 2013″start= auto binPath= ?“C:Program FilesSage50SmartPostingService2013.exe” DisplayName= Server=”Your ServerName”=”Sage 50 SmartPosting 2013.
  • You must adjust your binPath from Notepad. the programme route and the bin Path must be the same.
  • Modify the server ?️ to the one on which you are operating.
  • Change the year version to the Sage 50 version you are presently using.
  • Open the Run Command by clicking on the Windows icon.
  • Type cmd into the search area.
  • To run the software, select the OK option.
  • Paste the command line you prepared in the preceding stages into the MS DOS command window and hit Enter. You may see the word “SUCCESS” printed on the screen.
  • Press Start once more, and then select Run Command.
  • Enter msc in the search area and hit OK.
  • Now, from the list, select the freshly installed Sage 50 Smartposting 20XX and push a Button once more.
  • Check that your SmartPosting system is operational.

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Step 2: Data Path Damaged or Corrupted

If the previous method does not resolve the “Sage 50 Smartposting Service Currently Starting problem,” then follow the instructions below:

  • Installed ?️ Start the cmd window and type [name server k1142] into the command line.
  • Create a new file with only a level just above the folder that contains the data for the particular firm. Rename the folder to the same name as the affected data path.
  • Transfer all folders to the newly formed folder on the remote server path. All individual corporate files ? should be excluded since they may be corrupted.
  • Then, place all of the documents in a different folder.
  • Check that your SmartPosting service is operational.

Step 3: Launch the Smartposting Service Again

  • Open the Run window via Windows + R.
  • Now, Type services.msc.
  • Then click ?️ OK to find Peachtree SmartPosting or Sage 50 SmartPosting.
  • Now, right-click the service and choose Start or Restart.

Note: When Using The Command Prompt, You Must Perform The Following Steps:

Important: The next instructions necessitate the use of the Windows System Instrumentation Command-line interface. As a result, the user should have Administrative Rights in order to utilize it.

  • Select the Start table
  • In the search tab, type the command write. Right-click the Run Command and select Run as administrator.
  • Write or copy and paste: wmic service “Sage 50 Smartposting [Edition]” call stop service.
  • Enter your password and press the Enter key.
  • Wmic service “Sage 50 Smartposting [Edition]” call Start changing Start mode Deactivated.
  • Enter your password and press the Enter key.
  • When you input each of the commands listed above, several notifications will show on your screen confirming that the services required to be stopped and disabled have been completed.


Ideally, you’ll find the prior post on How to Fix Sage 50 Smartposting Error useful! If you have any questions or have any problems while following the instructions, please contact the helpdesk. The staff is available to assist you in resolving issues. The experts ?️‍♀️ will respond as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Exactly Do you Mean by Sage 50 Smartposting Service?

    Smartposting Services is a sending option that helps you improve speed by allowing you to store transactions without having to wait for them to post. This service will post the transaction for you automatically. Furthermore, it aids you in network contexts by letting numerous users work on the same firm file at the same time.

  2. Can Restarting the Smartposting Service Assist me in Resolving the “Sage 50 Smartposting Service Not Starting” Problem?

    Yes, it will Assist you in Resolving the “Sage 50 Smartposting Service Not Starting” problem. To Resume the Service, Follow the Instructions Below:
    1. From your terminal, press the Windows + R keys.
    2. Next, type services.msc into the Run area and press the Ok button.
    3. Check for Sage SmartPosting or Peachtree SmartPosting in the list of Services.
    4. When you find it, right-click ?️ on it and choose Start or Restart. Protection Status


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