The Sage 50 Connection Manager is installed but it isn't running on the computer

User Query: What to do when the Sage 50 Connection Manager is installed but it isn’t running on the computer.

Sometimes fatal error occurs and your sage 50 software starts not responding, Let me brief you: Connection Manager in Sage allows you to access its MySQL Database. It controls requests from Sage and other third-party software and updates the data changes in real-time without manual intervention. The Sage Connection Manager gets automatically installed on your computer when Sage is installed. “Update Not Installing” Issue. 

However, at times, you may face issues where Connection Manager stops responding in Sage.

Here are some of the known causes due to which issue takes place.

  1. Disabled service of connection manager due to the availability of local data. 
  2. Data is on the server but the connection manager is not running or not properly installed. 
  3. Upgrade/Update is pending with the Windows. 
  4. Security Settings or File Sharing is corrupted and the data is in My Document or some other folder in your system. 
  5. The installation process did not complete successfully. 
  6. The service failed to start or disabled even after installing Windows 10 update. 

This is a known issue in Sage and can be fixed either manually or by availing expert help from certified technicians. If you wish to manually resolve the issue, please follow our troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

Start Sage 50 Connection Manager using the icon in the System tray

  1. Log on to your computer with Administrative rights
  2. Double click on the Sage Connection Manager icon in your System Tray.
  3. If the status shows “Running: No”, select Start Service.
  4. If the status shows “Running: Yes”, select Stop Service, then Start Service.
  5. Check if the issue has been resolved.
  6. Ask Us if  – “Unable to Determine Security Privileges”

If My Documents contain the Data File

  1. Go to the root of the C Drive and create a new folder.  
  2. Now, move the data file to the folder you just created for all the companies. 
  3. If all the computers share the same data, you need to get a new network path location for the folder set by your technician. 
  4. Now, use this new folder to open the data file. 

Note: Make sure Sage 50 is closed and select the Task manager and click on Processes tab. You should close all Sage 50 related processes. Now right-click on the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and click Start. Now Open your Sage 50 file again.

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