“Could Not Start the Database Engine” Error in Sage 50

Last updated: November 16th, 2022
sage 50 Could Not Start the Database Engine Error

Are you unable to open a Company file on Sage 50, but receiving an error message that says “The Connection Manager could not start the database engine? The database engine reported an error.”?

The error usually occurs due to issues with SAJ folder, an active firewall blocking the Connection Manager, or your antivirus software detecting Connection Manager as a threat.

Here is the List of Causes That Create an Issue With Your Sage 50:

  • The Read-only feature in SAJ Folder 
  • Missing Folder or File from SAJ Folder 
  • Mysqld.exe, Mysqld-nt.exe and/or Connection Manager detected by Antivirus as a threat and the file or folder is deleted. 
  • The Connection Manager is blocked by Firewall. 
  • Disabled Log Service in Windows Event. 
  • Issues with the .NET framework. 
  • The Server doesn’t have Connection Manager or it is not installed. 
  • The Server’s Shared Data Location has Permission Issue. 
  • Corrupt, Damaged or Deleted Data issue.

Resolution to the Problem for “Could Not Start the Database Engine” Error in Sage 50

You can resolve the problem by either turning off your firewall or temporarily disabling your antivirus software. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you must consider restarting the Connection Manager or reinstalling Sage 50 again.

Solutions 1: When Data files are located on the Server Computer

In case your sample company is not opening, we can help with these steps:

  • The firewall’s configuration is important for the server’s security.
  • The Connection Manager allows different ports for communication.
  • Check the location of your data on the server and your drive.
  • It could be possible that data is found in the D:/ drive and programs are on C:/.
  • People should make sure the permissions of their files are set correctly to prevent data loss.
  • Go to the root of C:/ folder and create a new folder there.
  • Cut the data from the other location and paste it into the new folder in the C:/ drive.
  • Make sure that everyone who should have access has been given permission.
  • Go to the folder with the new data and try to view it.
  • Now use the IP address of the server to access the data.
  • If the data was opened without any problem the first time, shut down your computer and start it again.
  • Find any blocked Sage 50 Processes in the firewall, then grant them full access to the system.
  • If you are a Windows XP user, the problem may be with the .NET framework. The firewall and antivirus should have been configured properly, but it doesn’t work or won’t open.
  • You will need to repair the .NET framework.
  • In case you are using Windows 7/8/8.1 and the local sample company is not responding, then it is possible that the .NET components have been damaged.

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Solution 2: Checking the ODBC Issue

  • Go to the Control Panel and then to Program and Features or Add/Remove Programs to see if ODBC is installed on your computer.
  • Also ensure that MySQL Connector/ODBS 3.51 and MySQL Connector/ODBS 3.52(a) are also installed.
  • If you find them installed on your computer then resolve the data inconsistencies. (Get in touch with our Experts).
  • If you find the ODBC missing, then you need to install it by browsing this location: C: SageSage 50 Accounting BINMySQLODBC
  • Go to MySQL-connector-ODBC-commercial-.exe, right-click and select.

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Solution 3: Restart Sage 50 Connection Manager

  1. Log on to your computer as Administrator.
  2. Go to Control Panel, select Administrative Tools and then Services.
  3. Right click on Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and select Stop.
  4. Right click on Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and select Start.
  5. Try to open the company file.

Reinstall Program

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Sage 50.
  2. Try to open the company file.

Solution 4: Sage 50 Windows Database

  1. First, you need to close the Sage 50 software from all the systems. 
  2. Computer’s Tasks Manager that hosts Windows Database. 
  3. Now, click on the Process Tab. 
  4. To display the process to all the users, you need to click on it. 
  5. Now, from the name List, end mysqld.exe. 
  6. Now, reopen the Data File. 

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If you followed these simple methods provided above, then the problem should be resolved now. But if you are still facing the problem “Sage 50 There Is An Error Connecting To A Database” or Sage 50 connection manager error, In case the error persists, get in touch with us for Sage 50 help. Call now! You can also connect with us via Live Chat Support that is available on our website fastfix247.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I install Sage Instant Accounts on two of my computers?

    Each Sage Drive user may install the software on up to one additional device. That allows users to share data between their computers and devices.

  2. Learn how to restore your settings using the instructions in this article.

    It’s very easy to restore the settings back to their original state:
    1. The Uninstall option can be used to remove Sage 50.
    2. By selecting the Reinstall Sage 50 button, Sage 50 can be reinstalled.
    3. By opening the program and running the test, you can now see if the file is being opened or not.

  3. How to Reactivate a Sage 50 account?

    If you registered for a Sage 50 account, you can reactivate it by following the given steps.
    1. To start, navigate to Settings on the top navigation bar and then to Data Management.
    2. Select Reset my Data after that.
    3. Now, enter the email address that you use to access your Sage service, and then select “Remove All Data”.

  4. What are some possible causes of the Sage 50 Cannot Open Database error?

    When a Sage 50 Cannot Open Database error occurs, you might see one or more of these messages:
    1. While the file is being backed up, it remains active in the background.
    2. The system settings are changed so that the database files are read-only.
    3. Some people encounter hindrances when trying to use their.NET-based operating system or the framework.
    4. The Sage 50 may not have access to the folder that contains the data.

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