How to fix “Backup Not Responding” Issue in Sage 50

Are you trying to create a backup in Sage 50, but getting a display error that says “Backup not responding”? This issue often crops up if the SAJ folder where the backup is being created is too large.

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How can you identify whether the data is corrupt or not?

Your data may be corrupt if your system responds with any such behavior. 

  • Software or application closes forcefully. 
  • Observe unexpected behavior in any application or software. 
  • Shows any incorrect or irrelevant information. 

Possible Reason behind the Error “Backup Not Responding” Issue in Sage 50

It is very important that you first understand the basic reason behind the error. Once you get to know about the correct reason, you can easily apply the right resolution method. 

  1. Too large SAJ Folder due to the availability of any backup file, you may face backup error in your Sage Accounting Software. 
  2. There can be storage inflation on large scale in SAJ Folder due to storage of various older backfiles. This can also result in the same error. 

If you are looking for the solution to the problem, we can help you easily solve the issue. “Unable To Open Company File” Error message in Sage 50 Follow our below-mentioned resolution steps and quickly solve your issue:

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  1. Close Sage 50.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the location of your data file.
  3. Locate the ‘.SAJ’ folder and double-click to open its content.
  4. If there are backups (.cab files), move them to another location outside of the .SAJ folder.
  5. Now check inside the simply and MySQL folders to see if there are any backups.
  6. Now try to back up the company file again.
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This should solve your issue. In case the error still persists, call our sage tech support toll-free number to get in touch with our Sage expert technicians and get an instant resolution of the problem for an error-free computing experience. Call us now! Disclaimer

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