How to Fix Sage 50 Accounting “Not Responding” Error Message

Last updated: March 15th, 2023

User Query: Hi there, i’m experiencing issue while working in my sage 50 program. I have a message at the top of the window & keep freeze for 10-15 seconds : NOT RESPONDING. What to Do?

Sage Accounting has stopped working - SOLVED

Is your older version of Sage 50 not responding? Are you looking for ways to fix when your Sage 50 does not open? The “Not responding” issue in Sage 50 Peachtree Accounting software could occur due to a damaged USERPREF.DAT file and the resolution requires advanced knowledge of computer’s operating system.

Most of the errors in the Sage software lead to the program becoming frozen, which block most of the accountancy functions. While working on it, if you are not receiving any response to your commands and forced windows pop up, then you have got a Sage 50 Not Responding error. Fixing software problems take time and effort, and can cost you money. Our tech teams can help (give assistance with) the repair process by using their advanced solutions.

What is Sage 50 Accounting Not Responding Or Stopped Working

“Sage 50 Accounting Not Responding Or Stopped Working” refers to an issue where the Sage 50 Accounting software becomes unresponsive or stops working properly. This can happen when the software crashes, freezes, or fails to respond to user input and commands. This can occur due to various reasons such as conflicting programs, outdated software, insufficient system resources, corrupted data files, virus or malware infection, incompatibility with Windows updates, or incorrect configurations or settings. This issue can impede users’ ability to use the software effectively and may cause delays in their work.

Causes Behind the Sage 50 Not Working Error: 

Before repairing something, it’s important to learn the reasons. Understanding the reasons makes the process easier and smoother. The causes of a repair are:

  • Sage communication with Windows has stopped due to enabled Windows Compatibility Mode. 
  • RAM Memory not available or very low System Memory 
  • Very Slow Internet Connection that response time to a particular command increases 
  • Any other software is open and running at the back 
  • When the program is installed on Windows, it may appear that the program is not responding.
  • Corrupted or Damaged Company/Data File 
  • Antivirus or anti-spyware is often interfering and causing the Sagetime login problem.
  • We use a cloud based system to run our product.
  • Corrupt Microsoft .Net system.
  • Administrator privileges allow programs to do anything on a computer.
  • Incorrect data path.
  • The program you use to write programs may not be correct
  • The Crypto Wall virus was found to be causing the Sage payroll log issue.
  • Language and provincial settings.
  • There are no hosts records for localhost.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are used as a computer name.
  • The default printer for a substantial printer is not on the system.
  • We help people on Microsoft Windows obtain proper permissions for their accounts.
  • You have an old version of the software you need to back up your files and will cause a problem with Sage 50 won’t open.

The Signs That The System Shows After Sage 50 Accounting Has Stopped Working Are

When your Sage 50 Not Responding issue doesn’t resolve, be sure to note the symptoms. They are:

  • Sage 50 stops working, crashes, or freezes.
  • The Sage 50 shows as unresponsive on my Task Manager.
  • When launching the application, Sage 50 not responding.
  • The software is not always responsive when backing up data.

Follow our Step-by-Step Solution to Fix the Sage 50 “Not Responding”

Make sure you know why the issue exists and what you will do if a solution is not possible. Then, select appropriate solutions from those that are available.

Solution 1: Disable Windows XP Compatibility Mode

  • First, make sure to open up the Sage 50 Accounting Software.
  • The’ then choose “Properties”.
  • Navigate to “Compatibility.”
  • Unmark “Program in Compatibility Mode”.
  • Tap “OK” to conclude the process.

Solution 2: Run as Administrator 

  • First, sign up for an account with Sage.
  • From “Preferences”, tap on “Properties”.
  • Now, choose “Run as admin”.
  • Read the agreement carefully. Click on the agreement on the page.
  • After completing the steps, make sure you are no longer getting Sage 50 not responding error.

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Solution 3: Reboot the System

If you follow these instructions, you can fix the issue.

  • If your network is interrupted while you are copying and backing up data, it will not be copied.
  • If the copying process takes too long, most likely a network or server issue is at fault.
  • After rebooting the server, log all users off and then restart the router/switch if necessary.

Solution 4: Restarting Connection Manager Service

For this step, follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, open “Start Menu”.
  • Navigate to the Programs and File window. Then type “Service.MSC”
  • After that Services.MSC Screen will come up. Click on “Name Section”
  • Click “Database Connection Manager Sage 50”
  • If you want the process to restart, choose the “Restart” option and wait.
  • You can check that Sage 50 Not Responding has been fixed by opening it once again.

Solution 5: Updating Missing Microsoft .NET Framework Updates

  • Navigate to “Start” then click on “All Programs”.
  • Then choose the “Windows Update”.
  • After that, install the updates available.
  • Moving on, restart your PC
  • Finally, go to the Sage Student Central homepage.

Solution 6: Regional and Language Configuration

Follow these steps to configure language and regional settings

  • Tap on “Windows Start”.
  • There write “Control Panel”.
  • Select your region and language.
  • Please check that all sections are being reflected in US English.
  • After going to the Formats tab, choose “Additional Settings…”
  • Make sure “:” is set to “.”
  • After making the changes, press OK.
  • Next, restart your PC.

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However, if the Problem Still Persists, Try to Rename the Following Data Files:

  • *.DDF
  • *.DATtemp
  • *.DATptl
  • *.LCK
  • *.MKD
  • *.PTL
  • *.PTR
  • *.RPT

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This should solve your problem. Should you need more help, call us on our sage to speak to our expert technicians. You can also avail our Live Chat Support Feature which is significantly available on our website at the down-right corner. Through Live Chat Support, you can connect with our technical team as per your convenience of time. Our Team will respond to you in very less time to provide you complete assistance. 

Another Way Resolution Error: “Sage 50 has stopped responding” or program is not responding when opening

Solution1: Actian is stopped or needs to be restarted

  • Then click Start, Run, and enter services.msc.
  • The Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine should be selected.
  • If the status column reads Started, right-click Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine, and then click Restart. If the status column is blank, right-click Actian PSQL Workgroup, and then click Start.
  • Verify Sage 50 now opens.

Solution 2: Program running in compatibility mode for another Operating System

  • Close Sage 50
  • Select Properties from the right-click menu of the Sage 50 icon
  • Remove the check to the left of Run this program in compatibility mode from the Compatibility tab
  • Make sure the program and company are responsive

Solution 3: Anti-virus is Performing a Scan

  • If the program does not function as expected, wait for the scan to finish or stop the scan.
  • In the event that it does not function normally, you must make exceptions to your anti-virus. See Article ID 10089: How do I modify my firewall or Internet Security?

Solution 4: Run the program with elevated privileges

See Article ID 15177: How can I make Sage 50 run as administrator by default? to set the Sage 50 icon to run as an administrator.

Solution 5: Damaged registry key

Use the Windows registry to remove the Last Open Company history. See Article ID 12006: How can I remove unwanted companies from my Open Previous Company or Open an existing company list?

Solution 6: Run Repair

  • Refer to Article ID 10602: How to run Repair on Sage 50 for more information
  • Any service release updates should be installed
  • Verify Sage 50 opens without issue.

Solution 7: Uninstall/reinstall program

  • Press Enter after typing APPWIZ.CPL in the Windows Start search box.
  • Select Uninstall from the right-click menu of Sage 50 Accounting 20xx. Follow the instructions.
  • Use Article ID 10262: Sage 50 – US Edition Installation Instructions to reinstall the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What to do my Sage 50 not responding after Windows 10 update, it keeps crashing?

    Sage 50 needs to run in compatibility mode after updating to Windows 10 in order to avoid crashing. But in case Sage 50 still fail to open even after it is set to run in compatibility mode, do this to fix:
    1. To get properties on a Sage 50 shortcut, right-click it and choose Properties.
    2. Clear the check box for “Run this program in compatibility mode with” from the Compatibility tab.
    3. Save your changes by clicking OK.
    4. Turn off your computer and restart it.
    Use Task Manager if you already are familiar with it. In Task Manager, select the Details tab, find Peachw.exe, and click End Task.

  2. What Causes Sage to Get Stuck?

    This error is caused when your computer crashes. It’s also an issue that can be caused by a system crash or if you don’t include windows in your installation.

  3. How to Avoid Sage 50 not Responding Error?

    When Sage 50 software is installed and you run into compatibility issues, use the options to save your files in the correct location.

  4. How to Open the Splash Screen forcefully to fix the Sage 50 Not Responding?

    1. Right-click on the Sage 50 icon in your notification tray and select ‘open software.’
    2. Just click on the properties button in the menu to expand your selection.
    3.The window of Properties is open
    4. Go to the target line and copy it
    5. Open the Run window by pressing Windows + R keys
    6. Then paste the target line you copied before
    7. Instead, use a comma to separate old and inserted
    8. This opens up the flash screen forcefully.

  5. What should I do if Sage 50 Accounting is not responding or stopped working?

    If Sage 50 Accounting is not responding or stopped working, you can try closing unnecessary programs, clearing temporary files, updating the software, running a virus scan, repairing or reinstalling the software, checking and correcting the configuration settings of Sage 50 and uninstalling and reinstalling the software after updating the windows.

  6. How can I determine if the issue is caused by conflicting software or programs?

    You can check the Task Manager to see if there are any other programs or processes running that may be conflicting with Sage 50 Accounting.

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