Sage 50 Automatic Backup Not Working

Is your Sage 50 automatic backup not working? Do you want to create automatic backup of all your files but don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry! Our Sage Technical Support Team can help you in finding the real cause of the error and provide all necessary actions to resolve them.

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For Sage 50 automatic backup to run successfully, your computer where the configuration is set up and where the data is stored must be switched on. It is a mandatory process that you need to follow. If these conditions are not met, the backup will not be created.

Follow these steps to enable automatic backup:

  1. In Sage 50, click on ‘File’ and then click ‘Automatic Backup.’
  2. Click ‘Browse’ beside Company directory and select the company directory.
  3. Click ‘Browse’ beside ‘Save Backup to’ and select the destination folder where you want to save the backup files
  4. Under ‘If a backup file already exists,’ select ‘Automatically create a new backup file.’
  5. Click ‘Save’.
  6. Select a save location and a File Name for the configuration file. (Troubleshoot “Failure Renaming File” Error in Sage 50)
  7. Click on ‘Save’.
  8. Now click ‘Schedule’ and select the desired backup schedule (daily, weekly, monthly).
  9. Click on ‘OK’.
  10. Enter the Password for the Windows Account and click ‘OK’.
  11. To apply all the changes, click on ‘Save.’

That’s it. This way you can easily enable automatic backup on Sage 50. For more help, call our expert technicians at Sage 50 tech support phone number and get all your issues solved. Our support doesn’t end here. You can connect with our Technical Support Team to seek assistance on any of the Sage 50 related issue. Our services are also available if a user faces any issue while downloading, installing, updating or upgrading the software. We have also extended our arms to Live Chat Support through our website

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