sage 50 not find default data path

Sage 50 Could Not Find the Default Data Path

Facing issues while opening Sage 50? Does your Program closes unexpectedly after showing error? Are you receiving an error message that says “Could Not Find the Default Data Path”?


Error: “Sage 50 could not be opened because the company data location at [data path] on [computer name] could not be found or accessed”


Error: “Sage 50 could not be opened because the company data location…could not be accessed” or “…is not a valid company data location.”

Well, this happens due to:

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  • An incorrect data path/ data path format in the configuration file, Sage 50 Could Not Find the Default Data Path
  • Incorrect permissions for shared folder.

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However, it is easy to fix this issue manually. Simply follow our below mentioned solution steps for quick troubleshooting.

Resolution to Sage 50 Could Not Find the Default Data Path

Solution #1:

Incorrect data path
  1. Open Sage 50 configuration file and locate the data path.
  2. Change the data path to:  DATAPATH=[Drive Letter]:\[Folder].
  3. Verify if the problem has been resolved.
Incorrect permissions settings
  1. Go to My Computer and click Tools.
  2. Click Folder Options and select View
  3. Clear Use Simple File Sharing box and click
  4. Right-click the shared folder and select
  5. Select Sharing tab and select Share this folder
  6. Enter a Share name and click
  7. Add Everyone and
  8. Select all and then select Full control
  9. Now select Security tab and see if Everyone and System have Full control.
  10. Click (Sage 50 Goods Received Not Invoiced Report)

Solution #2:

From inside Sage and its Icon Properties 

Go to the Sage and then go to the Icon Properties. Now, there are two procedural steps that you need to follow. 

If you want to find the Data Path: 

  • Double-click on your Sage 50 icon. 
  • Now, click on the File and then select the Company 

Point to be Note: Make sure you don’t open the previous company. 

  • To see the full directory, you need to drag it to the corner of the box. 
  • Now, the Data Path is your Directory and the Company’s Name (Truncated Spelling) 

If you want to find the Program Path: 

  • Right-click on the shortcut icon of Sage 
  • Click on Properties 
  • You will see a Targeted Line with Blue path (Highlighted) and the Program path is minus Peachw.exe 

Point to be Noted: 

To open the Program File, you need to click on the Open File Location. 

 Our Assistance for You:

This should resolve the problem. Should you need more help, call us at sage 50 technical support number.

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