Are you trying to run Check Data option on Sage 50 but your software is frequently hanging or crashing? Are you getting an error message that says “Check data not responding”? If you are looking for ways to manually fix this issue, we can help.

What are the Causes Behind Sage Check Data Not Responding?

  • Modified Host File 
  • Different User Accounts contains Data. 

Note: You may also get this issue while opening & closing the company, sharing data over the network. The primary reason is that the server has multiple Network Card. This causes confusion to the Connection Manager about the use of the Network Card. 

How to fix  “Check Data Not Responding” Issue in Sage 50?

Check data hangs or crashes if you delete a purchase order that was on-order and was allocated to a project. To fix the issue, you need to run check data within Demo Data and remove old report files that might be causing the error. Follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the issue:

Solution #1:

  1. Go to File and click Open.
  2. Click Open Demo Data, enter Manager in the Login box and click OK.
  3. Click on File, then Maintenance and Check Data

If the issue occurs in Demo Data also, then you must remove all old report files. For this,

  1. Browse to C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts\20xx\Company.000\Reports
  3. Right-click on the selected items and press Delete.

Solution #2: Change Settings of the Network ADAPTER. 

  • Open the Control Panel, go to the Device Manager and then double-click on the Network Adapter 
  • Now, select the Power Management Tab 
  • Here, you need to deselected the option: All the system to turn this device off to save power 
  • Make sure that you do this on all the systems. 

This should solve your issue. In case you still need help, contact us sage support and get an instant resolution to your problem. Our team is technically qualified to resolve such issues related to Sage 50.

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