“Unable to Determine Security Privileges” Error in Sage 50

Last updated: November 9th, 2022

At times, while working on your Sage 50 accounting software, you may encounter an error message that says “Unable to determine security privileges. Please try later. This is probably due to another user temporarily blocking access to critical files.” This error occurs mostly if your computer shuts down unexpectedly or if a file gets corruptedSage 50 Not Loading Issue – How to resolve? But worry not! We can help you manually fix the issue. This Sage 50 error happens when your system’s security files get corrupted or the program gets shut down unexpectedly. This is a user-account-related issue rather than an issue with other users’ rights. To fix the Sage 50 “Unable to determine Security Privileges,” follow these steps to clean out the company files and repair the program:

unable determine security privileges error sage 50 us edition

What Can be Cause of Sage 50 Unable to determine Security Privileges issue

The following are some of the possible reasons that users face when they get Sage 50 unable to determine security privileges issue.

  • The System lost connection from the database of the company. When Sage 50 is open, the system reboot or lockup.
  • The US version has been unusually terminated
  • Comprehensive is stuck/damaged
  • Creating a new company from scratch on an external device
  • Connection with the database broke due to the network issue.
  • Power failed using Peachtree Accounting or Sag 50.
  • The Data File Problem, not the issue with the damaged program.

This cause doesn’t let the file properly update and the file remains in the invalid state only. It has also been observed that some pieces of the transaction has also been found missing and doesn’t get the right total at that time. Multiple files are not affected due to this.

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How to Resolve Sage 50 Won’t Detect Security Privileges Error?

Here are the methods you can use to fix your Sage 50 security-privileges issue:

Step 1: Clean out company folder

  1. Go to your company’s data folder.
  2. Delete the following files:
    • Alarm.dat
    • Cosess.dat
    • Connco.dat
    • All files of type DATtemp
    • All files of type DATptl
    • All files of type DDF
    • All files of type LCK
    • All files of type MKD
    • All files of type PTL
    • All files of type PTR
    • All files of type RPT
  3. Check if the issue has been resolved.
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  6. “Sage 50 Accounts Installation Not Complete” Issue

Step 2: Repair Program

Problems with security? Try a repair and delete unnecessary files. The easiest way to fix the problem is to run a repair on the software and delete any unnecessary files from your computer. If you need help, our article on fixing the Sage 50 unable to determine security privileges error will open up with step-by-step instructions.

  1. Remove all files and folders except their company data folder.
  2. Run Repair on the program
  3. After you click on Repair, make sure to confirm that there were no errors. If you get a Windows Firewall message, set Pervasive and Sage 50 to allow by adjusting firewall settings.
sage 50 Unable to Determine Security Privileges

Step 3: Use an External media device to open a company file:

In case you’re accessing the company file on an external drive, then you’ll have to perform that movement to an internal hard drive. There are a few things you can try if this issue arises. First of all, try re-opening the existing Sage 50 files.

Step 4: Turn off Company Information

If the Company information is shut down on a different workstation, you’ll need to fix this Sage 50 “Unable to determine Security Privileges” issue.

Here are instructions on how to turn off the company window:

  • The error may occur when attempting to open the Company on one workstation while the Company Information window is opened in another workstation. This can be caused by trying to open a shared folder that both your computer and the Company have permissions within.
  • Close the Company data window on the other workstation. Then close and re-open the Company window again.

Step 5: Open the Server to Restart the Pervasive Service:

If you’re having issues with pervasive, these are the steps you should take to try and restart it:

  • Ensure that Sage 50 is turned off.
  • Open the server
  • Choose Windows +R button to display the Run window
  • Enter service.msc
  • Hit Enter button
  • Search the service named Pervasive PSQL Workgroup engine
  • Now pause the service
  • When the service has been stopped, simply restart it again.
  • Verify to view if you can now into the company file

Step 6: Restore a company backup to new company

When you’re going to reestablish a backup, make sure you’ve checked that the backup is from the right source and reestablished to the right organization. In addition, if your information is overwritten during the process, the best way to recover it would be through another backup. Read this article for more tips on how to perform a backup.

  • Select File, Then Choose the Restore option
  • Select Browse, Choose the desired backup, and then click Open
  • Select Next
  • Select the desired restore method:
    • Overwrite existing company data or An Existing Company
    • Using the restored data, create a new company  or A New Company

Note: Select this option if you would like to restore the backup to a new folder. This will not overwrite your existing data; it will create a new folder for your old data with a new name.

  • Select Next
  • Select the desired restore options:
    • Company Data
    • Customized Forms
    • Web Transactions
    • Intelligence Reporting Reports or Business Intelligence Reports
  • Select Next
  • Verify the restore options, and then Choose Finish option
  • The company will open once the restore has been completed
  • Confirm that you can now open the company

Step 7: Restart all computers including the server

If you’re having problems authenticating a Sage 50, it’s likely due to security privileges. Restart all computers including the server. After rebooting, follow the steps below.

  • It’s a network, and it is necessary for users to be logged out of the Sage 50 software.
  • Restart all workstations and the server
  • Now, login a new user; then, log in from another device.

Still, need help? Call our sage 50 team for instant help at. You can also connect with us via Live Chat Support, it is available in the down-right corner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Would I Install Updates In Sage 50?

    1. Check the latest updates
    2. Click the Services button
    3. Click the Check for updates option
    4. Hit Check now
    5. Choose Download tab
    6. Make sure you’ve enabled Administrator mode
    7. Close the Sage 50
    8. Now start the installation process
    9. Follow the instructions on the screen

  2. Why Did a Security Privilege Error Occur?

    You will need to research:
    1. We check Windows Application and Services Logs in the Control Panel for Events.
    2. Check your network wiring and patch cables to make sure they’re not loose or damaged.
    3. If your environment has power surges or drops, install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in every workstation and on the File Server (if used).

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