Resolve “Unable To Open Company File” Error message in Sage 50

Last updated: November 8th, 2023
Sage 50 Unable To Open Company File
Unable To Open Company File in Sage 50

Are you facing a Sage 50 error message that says “Cannot open the company file. The company file may not be available in the directory, please check the path.”? Well, this is a known issue related to Sage Accounting software and can occur if you are not using the correct version of Sage 50 Accounting software to open the data file (Sage 50 Accounts Not Opening After Update) but not the company.

There are Several Possible Causes of “Possible Factor of Sage 50 Unable to Open Company File Error”

If you have a problem with Sage, it may be due to incorrect modifications of your Windows Registry. For instance, low memory can cause crashes and errors.

  • Data can sometimes become corrupted.
  • Windows Operating System (OS) not up-to-date.
  • Network is publicly set.
  • McAfee might be blocking your website from the server.
  • Your account might be locked down.
  • Accessibility of network may be down.
  • Your network is now open with everyone.
  • The Antivirus software may block you to access your data.
  • A missing icon file (.SAI) or data folder (.SAJ).
  • Company File being moved to a shared folder on another computer.
  • Company File already opened by another Sage 50 program.
  • A virus or malware infection.

You’ll Need to Follow These Instructions Before you can Troubleshoot.

  • We discontinued all VPN services on our network.
  • Click the Antivirus icon to confirm that it isn’t on.
  • If the sample company won’t open, remove it and reinstall it. Click the Windows taskbar icon, type Malware bytes in the search field, and click on Start Scan to run a scan of your system.

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Resolution to Fix “Unable To Open Company File” Problem

You can fix the Unable To Open Company File error message in Sage 50 Accounting software by verifying and correcting the file version. For this,


Solution 1: Access your Sage Program as an Administrator.

  • Firstly, close your Sage 50 software once.
  • Next, right-click the Sage 50 icon.
  • Create a new Administrator account.
  • To open the company file, then try to do so.
  • Add permissions and move the data to a new location on the hard drive.
  • Go to the Computer folder and find the .SAI and .SAj folders. Create a new folder called “For Everyone” on your computer.
  • Compare that there are no hidden folders or files in the .SAJ folder.
  • Once again, when trying to open your company data file, try a different file.

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Solution 2: Wrong Icon:

  • Confirm that you’re using the appropriate application.
  • If you are using a program from the taskbar, you should perform a right-click and select the option “Unpin from Taskbar”
  • Once done then pin a new version (perform a right-click on the Desktop shortcut and then pin to the taskbar).

Solution 3: Running Mysqld.exe in the Task Manager causes problems.

On a Network

  • Users must be signed out of Sage.
  • Go to the task manager on the server and then make sure “Show processes from all users” is selected in the drop-down menu.
  • Once done then under the Processes tab, you need to end all the MySqlD.exe process.
  • After the entire process, you should open again on the workstations.

On a Standalone

  • Ensure that Sage 50 software is closed.
  • Next, go to the Task Manager and open it.
  • Confirm that the show process is selected, then end all running MySQL processes.

Solution 4: Check the Hidden or Missing Folders/Files:

  • Go to your company file, located in the location panel.
  • Look for the .SAJ folder and then make sure that all important files and folders are there.

Solution 5: Disable Antivirus and Real-Time Scanners:

  • Disable your anti-virus program
  • If you have more than one Security/Antivirus software, then uninstall the unnecessary ones until you only have one left
  • In case, your system is installed with Microsoft Security Essentials, then you should do the following:
    • Disable protection with the Auto function.
    • McAfree needs to have both real-time scanning and a firewall.
    • Uninstall or disable real-time protection.
  • The Real-time Scanning and Firewall is turned on. When you’re finished here, please turn it off.
  • McAfee will block the 2017 to 2018 conversion if either of the two conversions are disabled.
  • If you use auto backup software to keep your company data, then disable it once your job is done.
  • Check the Event Viewer logs for Windows.
  • Right-click on the Sage 50 icon to select “Run as an Administrator”.
  • Attempt the conversion process again.
  • Once you have completed the conversion, then re-enable your security software.

Solution 6: Check the Network Connectivity

  • Make sure you have access to the drive before you start using this software.
  • If you’re working on files across the network and don’t need access to the mapped network drive or if you have incorrect mapping or a lost connection.

Solution 7: Check you have an updated version of Sage 50:

  • Firstly download the latest updates.
  • Install the update manually on the system. It would be located in the following path DIR: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download.

Solution 8: Confirm That you Have a Private Network Connection

  • Look for the network icon in the top-right corner.
  • On the left side of your browser, click on Tools and select “Properties”.
  • Select the network and sharing option.
  • This is what private networks usually look like.This is a sentence rewriter.
  • If it says “public,” change it to “private.”

Solution 9: Check File is on Remote Data Access or Sage Drive:

To access your records remotely, follow these steps:

  • Locate the Welcome screen
  • Click on Connect to a shared company.
  • Choose the checkbox named appropriate company.
  • Hit on the Connect button

Another Resolution How to Solve the Error Message “Sage 50 Unable to Open the Company File.”

Solution 1: Verify path location

  1. To convert to a new version, make sure all files are on a local drive.
    • Copy the file locally if it is on a network
    • Copy the converted file back to the network after conversion
  2. Make sure the file path does not exceed 284 characters.

Solution 2: Verify if the sample company opens

  • Learn how to open the sample company in the article How do I open the sample company?
  • See article The sample company does not open and try converting your data file afterward, otherwise continue to Option 3.

Solution 3: Verify if the SAJ Folder Contains Duplicate Files

  1. Open the .SAJ folder.
  2. Check for duplicates files names that contain:
    • ibdata1 (Copie de Joe conflit 2012-09-27) ibdata1 (joe’s conflicted copy 2013-01-09)
    • accounts (1).frm, simplygroupmembership (2).frm, tbgtah01-1.frm or tbgtah01-2.frm;
    • Verify the simply and mysql folder does not have extra files or folders as well

 Solution 4: Restore a Backup

  1. Locate and restore a Cabinet (.CAB) backup file
  2. To restore from a backup, create a new .SAI file and .SAJ folder – see How to restore from a backup
  3. The SAJ folder should not contain any conversion logs
    • When conversion fails, conversion log files are created, which contain a time stamp, and the data file may be partially converted
    • (i.e., 2017-06-28-16-20-55.txt – this file failed to convert at 2017 June 28 4pm
    • Find a file before this date and restore this

Solution 5: Adjust Anti-virus and Real-Time Scanners

  1. Disable the antivirus
    • If you have more than one antivirus or security software, uninstall them until you have only one left, then disable it before converting
    • Do the following if you have Microsoft Security Essentials (or any other anti-virus) installed on your computer:
      • Disable real-time protection
      • Disable auto protection
      • McAfee needs to have both real-time scanning and the firewall
  2. Disable the firewall and real-time scanning.
  3. Disable any auto backup software that backups company data files on your computer
  4. Verify the Windows Event Viewer logs.
    • See the Related Resources article if you receive a warning message for MySQL about IPv6
  5. Run Sage 50 as administrator by right-clicking the icon.
  6. Start the conversion again.
  7. Re-enable any security software after file conversion.
  8. Please refer to the article Unable to convert data to a newer version of Sage 50 if some files still won’t open

Solution 6: VPNs Running

If no files are converting, including the sample company, disable any VPNs that are currently running and try again.

Solution 7: Check errorlog.txt file

  • You should open the errorlog.txt file located in the data file location. If there are many blank sections or strange characters, the file is corrupt and cannot be converted.
  • If errorlog.txt seems fine, then go to MySQL and simply folders; look up something about (2nd last version of XXXX)
  • Select Run as administrator from the right-click menu of the Sage 50 icon.
  • Now you can start the conversion.

Solution 8: Verify that file attributes (no read-only or hidden)

  1. The company file (the SAJ folder and the SAI file) should not have read-only and hidden attributes.
  2. Choose Properties from the right-click menu.
  3. Check Read-Only and Hidden.
  4. Uncheck Read-Only and Hidden after clicking Apply
  5. Click Apply again.
  6. All subfolders in the SAJ folder should be updated

Solution 9: User Account Control is Enabled

In How to Run Sage 50 CA as Administrator, see Method 2

Solution 10: Check Advanced Database Check log

  • In Sage 50’s previous version, select Maintenance, then Advanced Database Check
    • To run an advanced database check, refer to the article How to run an advanced database check
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Browse to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ My Documents\Simply\DbVerifier\Logs
  • The latest numbered log file should be opened.
  • The file will end when you scroll to the end.
  • Follow Option 3 if simply.tnxtpids’ does not exist in the conversion log.
  • Try the conversion again.

When Clicking OK at the login prompt, Sage 50 Company does not open

In this section, we’ll explain how to fix Sage 50 doesn’t open company when clicking OK at the log in prompt.

Symptoms of Sage 50 Company Does Not Open When Clicking OK at the Log-in Prompt

There may be a few reasons why you’re having trouble opening your Sage 50 company.

  • Antivirus software blocks access to data.
  • Data corruption.
  • Outdated Sage 50 version.
  • Data restrictions.
  • An updated operating system.
  • Network connectivity problems.

If the abovementioned step Does Not Help you Get Your Software in the Operational State, You Need to Follow the Procedure we are Mentioning Below. 

Make sure that the Pervasive is online at any of the two modes: Standalone mode or Workstation Mode. Now, verify its online connectivity on the server. 

If you have an issue in the system that is causing your trouble, follow the steps we are mentioning below 

  1. You need to open the Run Command. To do so, press and hold the Windows key and then press R key. 
  2. The run box will open. Here, you are required to type: services.msc. 
  3. Here, you need to scroll your cursor down to ‘PSQL Workgroup Engine’ 
  4. Now, right-click on it and verify that it is stopped or running. (It should be in running mode) 
  5. You need to repeat all the steps for the server as they are for the above-mentioned system. 


Sage 50 Unable to Open Company File is a difficult problem to solve. If it is still running, you will surely get the error this time also. Do you still need help? Get in touch with our Sage repair specialists for instant help and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File There Is An Error Connecting To A Database

    Summary: Error: “Cannot open company, there is an error connecting to a database” when trying to open a data file.
    Solution: Restore the Software to factory default if the computer is new.

  2. Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File The File Is Currently Used By Another Application

    Summary: “Can’t open company file [Sage 50 file name]. The file is currently being used by another application” when opening a data file.
    Solution: Upgrade your Sage 50 product for correct Serial Number or Turn off the Firewall on the Server.

  3. Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File This Data Has Been Updated

    Summary: This company file has been updated to a newer file format and is now incompatible with this version of Sage 50 Accounting.
    Solution: Move your data to cloud folder synced with Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.

  4. What are the various ways to rectify Sage 50 Unable To Open Company Files?

    There is more than one solution available to fix this error like:
    1. Check the errorlog.txt file.
    2. Verify the file attributes (no read-only or hidden).
    3. User Account Control is blocking.
    4. Check the Advanced Database Check log.
    5. Disable Antivirus and Real-Time Scanners.
    6. Verify if the SAJ folder contains duplicate files, etc. Protection Status


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