Resolve “Unable To Open Company File” Error message in Sage 50

Sage 50 Unable To Open Company File
Unable To Open Company File in Sage 50

Are you facing a Sage 50 error message that says “Cannot open the company file. The company file may not be available in the directory, please check the path.”? Well, this is a known issue related to Sage Accounting software and can occur if you are not using the correct version of Sage 50 Accounting software to open the data file (Sage 50 Accounts Not Opening After Update) but not the company.

Some of the other reasons for the issue include:

  • A missing icon file (.SAI) or data folder (.SAJ).
  • Company File being moved to a shared folder on another computer.
  • Company File already opened by another Sage 50 program.
  • A virus or malware infection.

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Resolution to fix “Unable To Open Company File” problem

You can fix the “Unable To Open Company File” error message in Sage 50 Accounting software by verifying and correcting the file version. For this,

  1. Open .SAI in Notepad
  2. Check the product name and version number. The version number is in the 5-digit code format.
  3. Use the correct version and try to open the Company File again.

If the above-mentioned step does not help you get your software in the operational state, you need to follow the procedure we are mentioning below. 

Make sure that the Pervasive is online at any of the two modes: Standalone mode or Workstation Mode. Now, verify its online connectivity on the server. 

If you have an issue in the system that is causing your trouble, follow the steps we are mentioning below 

  1. You need to open the Run Command. To do so, press and hold the Windows key and then press R key. 
  2. The run box will open. Here, you are required to type: services.msc. 
  3. Here, you need to scroll your cursor down to ‘PSQL Workgroup Engine’ 
  4. Now, right-click on it and verify that it is stopped or running. (It should be in running mode) 
  5. You need to repeat all the steps for the server as they are for the above-mentioned system. 
  6. If it is still running, you will surely get the error this time also. In that case, you have to connect with our Technical Support Team.

Other Resources Are:

Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File There Is An Error Connecting To A Database

Summary: Error: “Cannot open company, there is an error connecting to a database” when trying to open a data file.

Solution: Restore the Software to factory default if the computer is new.

Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File The File Is Currently Used By Another Application

Summary: “Can’t open company file [Sage 50 file name]. The file is currently being used by another application” when opening a data file.

Solution: Upgrade your Sage 50 product for correct Serial Number or Turn off the Firewall on the Server.

Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File This Data Has Been Updated

Summary: This company file has been updated to a newer file format and is now incompatible with this version of Sage 50 Accounting.

Solution: Move your data to cloud folder synced with Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.

Do you still need help? Get in touch with our Sage repair specialists for instant help and support. Call now at our sage contact.

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  1. i am using peachtree qauntum 2007 it works good on the server machine but from some reasons its stop on the other machine it does connect but does not open for enry purpose.

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