How to troubleshoot “Account out of balance” error in Sage 50Professional accounting software like Sage 50 automate your time-consuming business accounting tasks, making your day to day business operations easy and efficient. But working with accounting software is not always easy and you may often encounter issues and error messages while working on them.

One such Sage 50 error is “Account out of balance” error. This error occurs if there is any discrepancy in your Sage 50 accounts balance and its resolution may need manual intervention.

Sage 50 Accounting.exe Is Not a Valid Win32 Application Issue

In this article we’ll show you a simple way to manually troubleshoot the error message.

Steps to fix “Account out of balance” error

  1. Go to the File Maintenance Window and click on the Warning tab.
  2. See the onscreen error message and note down the amounts:
    1. Sales Aged Balance disagrees with Debtors Control by (amount)
    2. Purchase Aged Balance disagrees with Creditors Control by (amount)
  3. Close the File Maintenance Window and go to Help.
  4. Click About and from the Data Information section, make a note of the number of splits.
  5. Now click on File and go to Maintenance and Check data.
  6. Click on Recovery tools and back up your data.
  7. Click Reindex and Compress All.
  8. Press OK.
  9. Click on Recalculate Transaction History, press OK and close the window.
  10. Click Yes when prompted to check the data again.

Troubleshoot “Sage 50 Accounts Installation Not Complete” Issue

This should solve the problem. However, if the error still persists, give us a call. Connect with our Sage specialists by dialing and get instant resolution to the error message. Disclaimer

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