Sales Receipt vs Invoice in QuickBooks

Sales receipts and invoices are similar in QuickBooks because both are used for recording sales information. However, there are some key differences between the two:

  • Sales Receipts: Used to record sales transactions in cash basis, when you receive complete payment at the time the sale is made.
  • Invoices: Used to record sales transactions in accrual basis, when payment is expected at a later date.

Importance of Sales Receipts

Sales receipts play a crucial role in everyday business, especially if your business deals with cash sales and other types of payments. They serve several purposes:

  • Tracking payments made for sales
  • Recording transactions in QuickBooks
  • Maintaining records and healthy relationships with clients
  • Allowing customers to exchange or return services for genuine reasons
  • Keeping hard copy receipts on file for future reference

QuickBooks accounting software helps generate sales receipts for new transactions once complete payment is made for the service or product purchased.

Steps to Create a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks

  1. Open the QuickBooks Application.
  2. Go to the Menu and choose Customers -> Enter Sales Receipt.
  3. Choose a specific customer from the Customer Job drop-down list to create the sales receipt.
  4. Select an option in the Class List if you want to classify sales receipts.
  5. Change the date if you don't want to display the current date.
  6. Select an option in the Payment Method list (such as cash, check, or credit card).
  7. Mention the check number in the "Check No." field if the customer makes payment by check.
  8. Select the product or service that the customer purchased in the "Item" column.
  9. Mention the quantity and rate in the matching columns.
  10. Add any additional items purchased on a new line.
  11. Choose a message in the "Customer Message" box.
  12. Click Print Preview to view a preview of the receipt.
  13. Click Print when you are ready to print the sales receipt.
  14. Click Save and then Close once done.


Q: What is the main difference between a sales receipt and an invoice in QuickBooks?

A: Sales receipts are used to record sales transactions in cash basis, when payment is received at the time of sale. Invoices are used to record sales transactions in accrual basis, when payment is expected at a later date.

Q: Why are sales receipts important for businesses?

A: Sales receipts are important for tracking payments, recording transactions, maintaining records and client relationships, allowing for exchanges or returns, and keeping hard copy receipts for future reference.

Q: How do I create a sales receipt in QuickBooks?

A: To create a sales receipt in QuickBooks, go to the Menu, choose Customers -> Enter Sales Receipt, select the customer, fill in the necessary details such as payment method and items purchased, preview and print the receipt, and then save and close.

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