Sales receipt and Invoice are quite similar because both are related to be used for the same purpose i.e. recording sales information. Sales receipts are used to record the sales transactions in Cash basis whereas Invoice is used to record the same in the accrual basis. Sales Receipts plays an important role in the everyday business. It tracks the payment made for the sales and records the transaction as well. Sales receipt is used when you receive complete payment at that particular time the sale is made or recording transaction into QuickBooks.

The business you are running deals with cash sales and other types of payments, sales receipts are highly important to maintain records and healthy relation with the clients. QuickBooks accounting software helps to generate sales receipts for new transactions once the complete payment is made for the service or product purchased. The sales receipts benefits the customers in case he wants to exchange or return the service for any genuine reason or you want to keep a hard copy receipts on file for future reference or so on.

How to Create a Sales Receipt?

  • Open QuickBooks Application
  • Go to menu -> Choose Customers -> Enter Sales Receipt
  • Choose specific customers to create sales receipt: Select Customer Job drop-down list -> Select any option in the Class List in case you want to classify sales receipts
  • Change the date for not displaying the current date
  • Select an option in the Payment Method list (such as cash, check or credit card)
  • Mention the check number in the “Check No.” once the customer makes payment check
  • Select the product or service that the customer purchased in the “Item” column
  • Mention the quantity and rate in the matching columns
  • Mention the item purchased on a new line
  • Choose a message in the “Customer Message” box then Click Print Preview to view the preview of the receipt
  • Click Print once you are ready to print the sales receipt.
  • Click Save -> Close once done

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