Send Statements to Customers with QuickBooks?

The process of sending statements to customers is reminding them about the payment. Many businesses offer services to customers first, and the furnish invoices. Clients check the invoice statement and then proceed on payment processing. The complete process could be seamless, if clients make or process payments instantly. However, it does not happen like that every time. In such cases, businesses need to follow up their clients in demand of their payment disbursement. In order to create statement and send them to customers or clients, the following steps can be followed:

  • Login to QuickBooks account, and find the menu bar at the top end of the dashboard.
  • At this menu bar, you shall get the option “Create Statement”, which needs to be click to initiate the process of creating statements.
  • Now, choose A/R account for the statement that you want to choose. You need to verify statement date first, and then create your statement.
  • When the statement has been created, you can save it on data file format first. Thereafter, it can be converted to PDF file.
  • Send the PDF file as email attachment to your client as statement for reminded on payment disbursing.
  • You can also take the print of the PDF file and send it via mail to customers or clients.

The process of creating and printing statements for customers is simple, though many people may stumble upon some errors. Call toll free number for customer support center to get advices or assistances in this matter.



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