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The Service scheduling software is an optimized method to assign resources and services. It helps in assigning services, tracking teams, and to stay connected. The scheduling system is used to automate core processes including managing work orders, field services, and dispatching payments. It is used to deliver agreeable customer experiences and simplifies workforce logistics. The below article is rounded up with the insights of service scheduling software for QuickBooks.

Why do you need to use field service scheduling software with QuickBooks Desktop?

Here are the reasons when you need to integrate the service schedule software with QuickBooks:

Real-time access to job process:

A job scheduler helps to stay productive as you can easily update assignments, canceled, booked, and rescheduled jobs when weather conditions change. The drag & drop calendar is used to change the service schedule. These views permit dispatchers to adjust assignments as required. As a result, there are no assignment conflicts.

Using job site to track time & record project notes:

One another benefit is you can use a field service management system as the mobile access information. The field service mobile app helps in the history of the customer service to enhance customer satisfaction, accuracy & productivity.

Complex project dynamic processes automation:

A field service management system is useful with QuickBooks Desktop as it lets you automate several processes that happen between invoicing and creating an estimate. Also, you can route work orders and batch dispatch. Moreover, scheduling options ensure completed jobs and streamline the operations tasks.

Features of Service scheduling software:

QuickBooks is used for direct add-ons including dispatch, scheduling, customer management, estimate, etc.

Simple to schedule:

The drag & drop scheduler is used to generate a new job, easily move it up or down with time, etc. The scheduler with QuickBooks integration in real-time will help in recording all the precious jobs & data of the customer in a single software system. 

Schedule recurring work:

You can set up a reminder system to remember the appointments, create the recurrence patterns weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, or annually.

Waiting list:

You can stick a job using the waiting list, and also embed it back to the scheduler once conditions get improved. This software allows you to stay organized.

Monitor appointments with service groups:

The scheduling dashboard helps in providing a unique view of the assigned tasks or service group at a specific time. The dispatch manager is used to find the right person according to the skillset across the single view. Moreover, it helps in highlighting pending tasks, not yet assigned or reopened process.

Route requests automation:

You can even reduce the complexity of repetitive tasks with the automation feature. This system automatically helps you in routing requests to the right technician according to the team availability, existing schedules, location, and more. It in turn helps in timely resolutions.

Monitor and track performance:

You can see the in-depth analysis of the individual-level performance of the team. You can keep track of the essential aspects of the field teams like workload or punctuality. Also, you can check the consumed time to fix each request, received, and the CSAT ratings.

System requirements for Service scheduling software:

The dispatcher role/Service manager needs the below desktop/laptop environment:

  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • 1024 by 768 Screen Resolutions
  • 1 GB available hard-disk space, minimum 2 GHz processor & 1 GB RAM

The QuickBooks Administrator role needs the below features to sync between QuickBooks and Intuit Field Service Manager:

  • Stable speed Internet connection
  • 1024 by 768 Screen Resolutions
  • Minimum 2 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM or 2 GB hard-disk space available
  • The IFSM sync client QB desktop software integration on below Windows versions: Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise v18 and advanced
  • Field technician of the Mobile app is used for Android devices, Data network connection, and advanced version of Apple devices

Scheduling Manager Pricing:

There are different plans available according to the features and number of supported users.

Choose a suitable plan. You can pay a one-time fee or monthly to access the service scheduling software or use a free trial. Here are the Plan names available:

  • Scheduling Manager Sparks’ version
  • Scheduling Manager Prime version
  • Scheduling Manager Professional version
  • Scheduling Manager small business version
  • Scheduling Manager Enterprise version

How does service scheduling software work with QuickBooks?

Customer information gets automatically updated in QuickBooks if anything changes in the scheduling Manager. Invoices are automatically created in Scheduling Manager, this seamless interface reduces the double-entry. The scheduling manager tool is used to run the service business perfectly, productively, and efficiently.


Here the article completes! Hopefully, you are aware of the perks of the service scheduling software with QuickBooks. If the features are suitable then integrate the software with your QuickBooks for better outcomes. In case you need to explore more then get connected with a professional team.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Few questions related to service scheduling software work with QuickBooks:

What features do I get with the scheduling Manager in QuickBooks?

1. Job scheduling
2. Mapping
3. Business intelligence
4. Comprehensive financial analysis
5. Payroll

How much time do I need to transfer data using service scheduling software with QuickBooks?

You need a few minutes to transfer the customer data in QuickBooks online using scheduling Manager

Is Service schedule software is time-saving?

Yes, the real-time connection with QuickBooks with scheduling Manager deletes double-entry.

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