How to Setting Up Automatic Payment in QuickBooks

Under QuickBooks software user can set up automatic payment for their customers to make payments to the company and for vendors so that they can be paid for services provided by them. The process for both is listed below.

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Setting up Automatic Payment Process via check (recurring) for payment to the vendor:

A regular business consists of two principle section of dealers namely vendors / suppliers and customers. Both have to either be paid from the company or pay to the company. In order to avoid hassle of creating new paper and checks of same amount every week, month or quarterly QuickBooks user can set up a payment account in name of the vendor for the purpose of check payment on regular basis for which following steps need to be followed:

  • Locate an old check or generate a new one with the recurring payment amount.
  • Memorize the same check through:
    1. Under the screen labeled Check, locate and select the option called Memorize (click on CTRL + M together) or go to Edit tab in the main menu and then click on Memorize Check tab.
    2. Next select the tab labeled for Reminder.
    3. Next option to provide is ‘How Often’ in which user can choose the frequency of the reminder (it can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly).
    4. Next field is ‘Date’ which specifies the date for the next payment due.
    5. Under the field of Number Remaining type in the details regarding the number payments for which the program is required.
    6. In the field for ‘Days in Advance to Enter’ provide the number of days prior to due date of payment to set reminder for by the program. In order to get reminder on the same day user should enter ‘0’ in the blank field.
    7. In order to save the details and memorize the process click on ‘OK’ tab which will bring the user back to screen called ‘Write Checks’.
    8. In case the the payment is set for ‘Auto pay’ then uncheck the Print Later option. In the scenario this option is not checked the check will be added to print on the same day it was saved within the system.
    9. For the user going forward with ‘Autopay’ option, check number needs to be replaced with ’Epay’ or ‘AutoPayment’.
    10. Now to save the check and its subsequent details, click on Save and Close tab.
  • In accordance with the option chosen under Reminder category, user will be reminded about payment to vendor through either generating check or printing the same when the due date comes near.

Setting up Automatic Payment Process for the Customer:

Setting up auto pay process in favor of vendors is quite known, however many QuickBooks users also wonder whether the same process can be set for customers of the business autopay for the products and services. The answer is ‘Yes’, same can be setup to receive automatic payment from the regular customers. The customers however need to have certain points set before such as:

  • In case the user’s customer is employing VISA or bank draft for payment, then the VISA details is needed to be added within their profile.
  • User needs to have an active subscription for merchant services linked with the QuickBooks software.

Once the above points are verified then the user can generate the autopayment for recurring transaction through below mentioned steps:

  1. Open the software and locate the company name in the right side of the top part of the window.
  2. Select the option Recurring transaction and then on ‘New’ tab.
  3. Lastly select the Sales Receipt of the particular customer.

The above steps should allow the QuickBooks user to setup autopayment feature for both their customers and vendors / suppliers. The process is quite simple and can be carried out by almost all users without requiring any prior technical knowledge about the software or the operating system. However, if in case the user is unable to complete the process and lands into any sort of trouble, it is recommended to connect with QuickBooks tech support team housed by Intuit.

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