Setup Jobs in your QuickBooks Profile

QuickBooks has been widely used for financial management and financial record keeping. Not just for individual purposes, this software has been used for various business purposes too. Small business owners are particular beneficiaries of QuickBooks. QuickBooks jobs are generally defined as projects to track financial records or expenses. Generally, a job comes in link with a particular customer. For managing the customer requirement, financial and projects, jobs are required to be setup with QuickBooks. The process of creating job and managing it can be simple, if the following steps are followed with perfection:

  • Open QuickBooks on your desktop, and then login to your account. Make sure you enter correct username and password to ensure secured as well as error free login.
  • After login, go to the menu bar of the software dashboard, and choose customers.
  • Under ‘Customers’ option, you shall find all your customer profiles. Choose any of the customer profile, and enter to the detailed customer profile.
  • On the left hand side, you shall find option for Job Information. You can check existing jobs. You can also create new jobs.
  • Add new job, and then add description of the job. Make sure you enter all details minutely.
  • You can share the job or make it accessible for other users.

The whole process can be done easily without facing any glitches. However, technical problems may occur. First time QuickBooks users or novice users can get step by step assistance on job creation by dialing toll free number of QuickBooks tech support team.



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