Setup QuickBooks Server To Host Multi-User Access

QuickBooks despite being highly powerful and influential accounting and financial software is as prone to getting into trouble and web of errors as any other software. Its errors, although easily resolvable, can have huge impact on the standing of the business as it normally handles all the transaction of financial nature of the business automatically. Thus it is of high importance to resolve any and all error as soon as possible.

Desktop version of QuickBooks basically faces the error in setting up and hosting of QuickBooks Server with Multi-user access. This edition of software basically communicates with the company file through file manager of the database. At present there are two sure shot methods for this problem faced by users as told by Intuit and QuickBooks Experts. Below both the methods are illustrated below in full detail. The resolution suggested are structured in a way that even first-time users of QuickBooks Desktop in multi-user mode can apply them without looking expert support, although guidance from Intuit setup customer support team is highly recommended.

In case the user has already ventured into multi-user environment and has encountered the QuickBooks server error once the setup is complete, then the first step is to ensure server is supported as the host. Under this method of solving user will require admin permissions of Microsoft Windows in order to change the required host modes.

For Successful Hosting of Software under Multi-user access:

  • Open the software and if asked, then ensure the software is updated and upgraded to latest versions and update releases.
  • From the menu bar, select the option File and then from the drop down menu select ‘Utilities’, follow it with ‘Host Multi-user Access’.
  • In case the option showcased is stating ‘Stop Hosting Multi-user Access’, then the server is already acting as the host for multi-user access and the user should go forward with the next step. Although if the user is operating the workstation system then he should select ‘Stop Hosting Multi-user Access’ and follow them with instructions prompted on screen.

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Once the above steps are completed, re-check the company file restrictions to share, specifically for QBDataServiceUser for the current version of the software being used and requiring full control over the folder that consist of the QuickBooks company file.

The above steps should help to resolve QuickBooks Server hosting error faced under multi-user mode. However, if the QuickBooks software user is still not able to operate the software in multi-user access and the company file they should connect with the QuickBooks experts. This issue can be dealt by the user alone or by contacting the QuickBooks experts for sure shot resolution. In the situation user still faces the same problems; it is recommended to approach the QuickBooks experts who are extremely knowledgeable regarding all things QuickBooks set up by Intuit. Moreover, if there is any issue in connecting with the team of QuickBooks for the same user can connect with us at live chat option on our website –

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