How to setup and turn on payroll with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is quintessentially an application for bookkeeping or business daily transaction management. It can be used for various other financial management and record keeping jobs. For example, it can be used to manage and update employee payrolls. Several small medium business groups have embraced this software for its salient effective features. In order to configure and turn on payroll for a company, the following steps are recommended to users:

  • At first, login to your QuickBooks account with correct username and password. When login is completed, you shall be driven to the QuickBooks dashboard.setup-and-turn-on-payroll-with-qb
  • Now, there is a menu bar at the top right at your QuickBooks dashboard. At this menu bar, different options are found. You have to choose Edit, and under that option you need to select or click another option called ‘preferences’.
  • Under ‘Preferences’, you should choose Payroll & Employees. Here you shall get information about all existing payrolls, if there is any.
  • Now, choose the Company Preferences tab and a few options will appear on your screen.
  • Choose ‘Full Payroll’, and then simply click ‘OK’ to turn on payroll.

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Following the aforementioned steps will definitely help you to setup and turn on your payrolls. However, for all users things are not as simple as depicted above. Many people lack enough technical knowledge or insight in working with this application. Novice users often make mistakes. To get step by step and lucid guidance, you should dial at QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number any time, as per your convenience.



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