Separate Your Money
Don’t mix your personal and business cash. Think of them like oil and water; they need to stay apart.

Bank Transactions are Your Go-to
Imagine your bank transactions are breadcrumbs leading you back home. Follow them, not just the receipts.

Monthly Check-ups
Reconciling your accounts is like a monthly health check for your finances. Don’t skip it.

Save Those Receipts
Receipts are your financial diary. Keep them for the “just in case” moments.

Pick the Right Tools
Choosing accounting software? Think of it as picking a team player. Get the one that fits your game plan.

Pay Yourself
Remember to cut yourself a paycheck. You’re part of the team, too.

Get Back What You Put In
If you spend on business, pay yourself back. It’s not a gift, it’s a loan.

Miles Matter
Driving for work? Those miles are gold. Track and claim them.

Invoices with Personality
Make your invoices stand out. They’re not just bills; they’re your brand.

Quick Turnaround
Invoice fast, within two days. It’s like fast food; people appreciate quick service.

Friendly Nudges
Send reminders for payments. It’s the gentle nudge that keeps things moving.

Payroll Isn’t DIY
Outsource your payroll. It’s complex, and there are pros for that.

Get a Pro for Setup
Setting up software? Get a wizard, aka a professional, to do the magic.

Delegate the Numbers Game
Bookkeeping isn’t a solo sport. Share the love, and assign tasks.

Dive into the Reports
Your accounting reports are treasure maps. Read them to find gold.

Plan Ahead
Budget quarterly. It’s like planning a road trip; you need to know your stops.

Know the Rules of the Game
Your industry has its own playbook. Learn it, understand it, play by it.

Remember, running a business is a journey. These tips are your map, compass, and provisions. Keep them handy, and you’re set for a smoother ride. No cap, following these steps can seriously up your business game. Let’s get it!

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