Take Care of Refunds in QuickBooks

Using QuickBooks has become glowingly popular among the small business owners or trader or entrepreneurs. It helps in financial management, financial record tracking, tax assessment and many other things. In fact, you can also claim your tax refunds through QuickBooks. There are various reasons why people look for tax refunds. It could be due to order cancellation, over payment, bad debt write off and many more. Tax refund process can be tiring, but QuickBooks makes it simple for its users. All you need is to know the process of tax refund through this software. For that, the following steps are recommended:

how to take care of refunds with QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks is always assisting in identifying the refunds easily. First, login to the account, and go to your dashboard.
  • Select customers and then click on Create Credit Memos. Here, you shall find the option for refunds. Click on Ok, and give a request for Refund.
  • You should also check available credit on your account.
  • In case of refund is need due to customer overpay, you need to change data on the Customer Payment window on Customer Center. Now, carefully click on transactions and choose received payments.
  • Choose related payment and then click on correct button. Save the changes and close the window.
  • The process is done, and you can now go to your dashboard.

The process of initiating refunds through QuickBooks is simple to understand and easy to be configured, unless you face technical issues. Call toll free customer support center in case if technical troubles take place.



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