How do I get QuickBooks Access in W2?

There are various components of the W2 Form in QuickBooks. Go through the articles and you will find all the needful information for the W2 Form.

If you are working on QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Make sure that W-2 is purchased. The W-2 paper is responsible for the payroll services that you currently use. If you are not sure what type of paper needs to be used, follow the path: Click on W-2 tax kits → Product page and business tax forms, click on the W-2s → open the product page & business tax forms → click on the W-2s payroll service.
  • Before starting your W-2s printing, it is very important for you to have QuickBooks Desktop tax tables updated. You just have to make sure that only the right data appears on the right date in the forms.
  • If you are working on Enhanced, Standard or any Basic, a payroll check needs to be run on it.
  • You should also run the payroll summary report in your QB desktop, click on reports and then click on payroll & employees and then select payroll summary. Now, dates of the effective calendar year.

Social Security No. of the Employees:

To fill the box, a social security number of the employees is used by the QuickBooks for the records of the employees.

For verifying the social security number of employees in QuickBooks:

  • If you are working on QuickBooks Online: Click on Worker and then click on Employees tab. Click on Employees name and then you will be able to access the details of the employees. Click on the Edit employees for further information.
  • If you are working on QuickBooks Desktop: Click on Employees and then click on the Employees Tab. Now, access all the personal info and then edit the social security number.

Social Security Wages: QuickBooks has a unique way to populate this line:

Total wages are calculated to subject to the social security tax of the employees. Note that it doesn’t include any tips.

For the verification of QuickBooks Result:

For QuickBooks Online: Payroll detail report should be run the whole year. All the deductions should be subtracted from the payment amount which is not linked to social security.

For QuickBooks Desktop: Payroll summary report should be handled with the amount in it. The number is equivalent to the total of the wage base – a total of the wage base tips

W2 form to populate State Income Tax:

This caters to the amount populated in a particular state. If the employee is subjected to the different states, the amount will be applicable for the first state only. For taxable wages in more than two pages, multiple-pages of W-2 forms are printed by QuickBooks.

For the verification of QuickBooks Results:

If you work on QuickBooks Online: Make the payroll detail report run. Make sure you check the SIT Amount and then numbers should be compared. Now, check whether the item is taxable or not in State Income Tax.

If you work on QuickBooks Desktop: A payroll summary report for the whole year. State withholding amount and the numbers should be equal.

Double-click on the number and then check how and what the transactions contribute to the total amount.


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