How to Fix QuickBooks ACH Error

ACH means Automatic Clearing House. The account information is of all the customers and clients are entered in QuickBooks for many purposes. The ACH just uses the credentials to process the accounting related transaction and saves your time. It is an automatic process.

Any issue in the whole payment process may fail your ACH process. If something like that happens, you need to identify the real cause of the issue to get it resolved asap.

For a returned item, you won’t be allowed to either collect the fees or deposit funds from the account. If this happens, an email (in the form of notice) will be sent to you along with the information you need to resolve the issue. 

ACH CodeReasonDescription
R01Insufficient fundWhen the bank account doesn’t have sufficient have available to make any transaction.
R02Account closedAny account opened previously has now been closed.
R03Unable to locate the account or no account available.The identified entry or account number has not been validated as an individual or a corporate number.
R04Account number not validIncorrect digits or authorization fails due to the invalid account number.
R05Unauthorized debit takes place in the account of the customerA member customer account having invalid business debit entry and the entry has not been authorized by the member.
R06ODFI  request returnedRDFI returns the entry that ODFI has requested.
R07When customer dismisses the authorization.The customer who, earlier, approved the entry but has now revoked the authorization due to any reason.
R08When payment on any item is blocked due to any reason.When a request to stop the payment has earlier been requested due to recurring entry.
R09Funds – Not yet collected.Sufficient balance is available in the account, but insufficient collected balance to cover the entry.
R10Unauthorized customer advise.Unauthorized member advise, source document incomplete or incorrect entry of amount received from the source document.
R11Truncated return entry checkIt comes into action when the user returns the truncated entry check.
R12Another DFI purchased the branchIf another bank or financial institution buys the branch, it is difficult to post the entry related to a particular Bank Account or A/C Number.
R13ACH Routing Number – Not ValidNo commercial ACH entry is received by the bank or that particular financial institution.
R14The account holder or beneficiary is no more.The account holder or beneficiary is no more.

Here are some of the few points you need to remember:

If an email is received from Intuit which covers information like direct deposit not successful or the payroll debit shows a sort of return code. We have mentioned some of the return codes, you can find the information from the return codes. You will get the right reason and complete description from the table.

First, you need to make sure that the debit from the Intuit is acceptable to your bank. You also need to make sure that your bank is not facing any sort of issue.

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